In the recent years, online shopping has witnessed an unbelievable boost in the sales business. People choose online shopping sites instead of department stores due to the various reasons. Some don’t have time for the long hours of shopping spree; others prefer the comfort of their own houses to the crowded malls or claim to escape the “rush” of unnecessary purchases while doing shopping at home. There is no denial of the benefits of such tendency, but what about good old occasional sales? How to save your money and get the best prices while shopping online?

Well, we are here to help you with that. Here are top 7 tips and tricks to stay on the budget, but still, find good bargains while getting your goods on the Internet.

Use groupons

It is no secret that there are numerous sites with coupons and promo-codes to reduce the prices of the items online. While you have to check for compatibility and whether the site you shop on accept such discounts, it is a good way to save some cash and spend your money wisely. Go for such services as Honey, Groupon, RetailMeNot, and LivingSocial. These websites sometimes provide even local restaurant deals, so double benefit.

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Get your cash back

It is totally fine if you had already shopped without knowing any of the useful saving tricks. You can actually get your money back! Well, some of them. Services like Ebates has a lot of partners and can get you a different percentage of the prices back, varying from the websites. Not a bad way of managing your Christmas or wedding shopping!

Go for the best deals

Did you find a perfect pair of sneakers or the best t-shirt ever, but it is pricey as heck? Do you want to get essay writing help service about the couch that will ideally match your carpet? No worries, with such websites as List you can get news about your favorite items when they go on sale or restock. They can also notify you about the deals on your preferable brands.

Go seasonal

This tip might not look exciting, but just wait until you see an amount of cash you can save. While it makes a lot of sense to follow the seasonal and post-holiday sales, it is also quite useful to shop for the opposite season. Many websites like Asos, still have winter clothes in summer and vice versa. The only difference is that they are way cheaper! “Dig the well before it rains”, as people say. You can also check online outlet stores, where unsold winter/summer collections go. Particularly good are J.Crew Factory and Nordstrom Rack.

Wait for Black Friday

Nobody likes waiting, but sometimes it might be extremely profitable. Especially, if you wait with your shopping list till Black Friday or Cyber Monday. This goes particularly for those people who need to get some substantial purchases like furniture, electronics or house appliances. As the discount craziness of Black Friday spreads all over the world, you can save an extreme amount of money while avoiding competitive and not very sane buyers in the real stores. Use websites like and to find the best prices and store sales.

Shop at low-cost websites

While you might have heard about low-cost airlines, there are only a few people who know about low-cost shopping sites. We are talking about blogger’s favorites’ wish, romwe, and everything 5 pounds with really cheap clothing and other items. However, a lot of them fall into a hit-or-miss category, there are certainly a lot of hidden gems over there.

Find designer clothes at Amazon

If you strive for some high-end goods but don’t want to break a bank, we have some news for you. First of all, search Amazon for the rare items and track more expensive brands there. To get a nice bargain, use websites like Camel Camel Camel to check on your saved products and compare prices, and receive the information on when to buy something to save some cash.

The final advice we have for you – be creative! Compare the deals, sign up for your beloved brand’s social media to get latest sale updates, visit shopping forums, go to Youtube even (there are some bloggers who can help you with saving tricks). No matter how much money have you spend, just make sure you have a great time and chose wisely!





By Diksha Yadav

Diksha Yadav is software developer with 4+ year experience in .NET and C#. She is senior developer and team leader in MNC and part-time blogger. She has enjoyed numerous assignments with the Company including automotive testing.

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