So, you are searching for a good martial art training school and you don’t know how to pick the best one for your kid?

Here are the things you should look to enroll your kids to the martial art training course:

The Enrolling Process

The martial art program that you are selecting for your kids should have appropriate process and criteria for new students. A great martial art program should give students and instructor to have a word about their goals before getting into the class. However, many martial art schools, as well as parents, ignore in the hope that their kid will get the best.

Moreover, parents should get the time to know the instructor. Ask other parents about the teacher who has been sending their kids for practice.  Ask them if their kids continuously complain about their teacher, atmosphere or other students. Make sure; your kids are going to the place that will teach them good things.

Safe Environment and Safe Practice Session

Since you will be not with your kids during their practice sessions, their safety would be a concern for you. So, if you are going to enroll your kid in a martial art program, make sure to check if the program is safe or not. And by safety means, regular drills, warm-up programs, and other martial art things.

Also, all martial art schools like the martial art Perth school should have a minimum percentage of injuries from practice. If the school has all this, it’s the best and safest place to enroll your kids!

Fitness Routine

One of the essential things to look in before enrolling your kid in a martial art class is the use of fitness. While the simple martial art program will include jumping jacks and pushups, a great program will tell kids the pro learning tricks along with the fun-filled exercises.

Also, a great martial art program will teach mental as well as physical skills and will make kids leverage their energy to better use.

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Ask other students that whether they fear their instructor or respect them? Although martial art starts and ends with a bow to the instructor, if the students do this because of fear, they won’t be able to learn anything. Kids will fear from going to the class despite the fact that the trainer is quite good at teaching. So, it’s quite essential to find a school that is respectful not just toward the trainers, but also to the kids.

Variety of Exercises Kids will Learn

Martial art is not an academic subject, which has different syllabus every semester. Therefore, the training class should have a variety of different drills to make kids involve all the time. Kids easily get bored, and when they are bored, they stop showing interest in anything.

A great martial art class should have a variety of drills and tons of different exercises to keep kids active all the time. It should involve learning with fun so that kids take part actively and learn new tricks.

The Kind of Forms They Teach

This is quite important, as students should know how to apply the techniques. So, ask the school that what their teaching procedure is. Do they simply teach self-defense applications or just the martial art forms?

Also, parents should know if they teach rolling and falling techniques as they are quite significant in the dojo as well as in real life. Also, these techniques help in building coordination, kinesthetic awareness, and agility.


Before enrolling your kids in a martial art class, it is very important to know what facilities the school is offering. For a highly-effective program, the Self-defense School should feature good facilities. There should be safety, comfort as well highly skilled trainers.

Moreover, the place should be hygienic and should have good learning environment, proper safety mats, and up-to-date equipment. After all, you don’t want to send your kids to the place that is unhygienic, dirty or unkempt. The place should make your kids feel safe and comfortable.

Kids Related Courses:

Giving fee and enrolling your kids in the school is not just you will to do to make your kid learn martial art. Instead, you have to select a course that your kid should understand. Make sure that the training program you choose should understand children. It shouldn’t be something designed for teens and adults, as every martial art program is designed according to the age of the learner.

The atmosphere

Ideally, a martial art training class atmosphere should be like it keeps your kids coming back to the class making them curious about the new things. Also, the staff should be professional enough to understand your kid’s weaknesses and strengths. They should be committed to your kids and their goals.

If you are ready to enroll your kids in a martial art training program, keep in mind the things mentioned above and they are ready to learn!



By Diksha Yadav

Diksha Yadav is software developer with 4+ year experience in .NET and C#. She is senior developer and team leader in MNC and part-time blogger. She has enjoyed numerous assignments with the Company including automotive testing.

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