How to shop from using Al Mowafir coupons? online store is practically the oldest Arab online store in the Middle East region and the largest one ever. This store provides thousands of different products. I will try, through this article, to introduce the most important shopping secrets through souq using Al Mowafir coupons and promo codes, this will save a lot of money and make your shopping experience the best one so far. Al Mowafir is considered the largest discount platform in the Arab region.


A brief about store is an Emirati company whose headquarters are in Dubai and is one of the mighty projects and companies in the country. This website was first established in 2005 with a capital of about 100 million dollars at that time. The site offers more than 400 thousand different products and has branches in many countries in the Arab region including The United Arab Emirates, Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Beginning in 2017, it became a market place affiliated with the international company Amazon, where the store was purchased after long negotiations between the original owners and Amazon, and the volume of the deal reached more than one billion dollars. It became then Amazon. ae 

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The features of store

The market offers many shopping options. It has officially transferred to Amazon, meaning that it uses the main interface of Amazon, unlike the Saudi and Egyptian markets, but the services and their quality are not different.

Souq offers many products that are almost unlimited. Here are the most important products you can find:

Phones and all kinds of mobile or smartphones, computers and office supplies, Television and electronic devices, men’s clothing and shoes, women’s and kids’ clothing and shoes, watches and bags, health products, perfumes and beauty products as well, video games, there is also a supermarket where you can buy even food, drinks, and many other things.

As you note, this store provides a unique complete shopping experience that you will not find in any other store, it covers all the requirements of you need, if you are fed up with the chaos of the markets and the loss of time you experience every time you go out shopping, then this problem is solved.

Features offered by the store

There are many features to list, so I will present to you in a set of points the most important ones:

  • Free delivery: Many products are delivered free of charge, sometimes some fees may be imposed, but they are very little, almost 99 percent of orders that exceed the price of 100 dirhams are delivered to you for free.
  • Various payment options: This store offers a wide range of options, for example in the UAE, it supports all cards that are provided by various banks in addition to payment via Paypal and the most important thing is that it allows you to pay on delivery.
  • Professional after-sale services: store offers the best clients services out there. If you purchase a product and it becomes clear to you that it is not original or that it does not conform to the product description on the site, the return of the item is considered very simple and quick. So whether you replace it with another one or change it completely and receive back your money.
  • The customer is the king: Souq store believes in this philosophy, assuming the customer comes at the top of his pyramid of priorities.
  • Continuous discounts: The largest offers and discounts are on Fridays, and on many occasions all over the year. 

In addition to these offers by the store itself, there is a way where you can get more discounts and promo codes and this is exactly what I am going to explain next.

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Shop from Souq with Al Mowafir promo codes 

Al Mowafir is simply an Arabic platform that specializes fully in discount codes for more than 70 Arab online stores, including

It provides exclusive coupons and discounts that you will not find elsewhere, thousands of customers visit this site every day looking for exclusive discounts.

How to benefit from market discount code?

To take advantage of the Souq coupon code, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the platform or website of Al Mowafir coupon code:
  2. Search for Souq discount codes either through the list or through the search box, then click on it and you will get the following result as in the pictures.
  3. You will find many options, two coupons or more. Sometimes the offers can reach more than a 70% discount. Choose what suits you the most by clicking on “Get offer”.
  4. The website will take you directly to the Souq store before completing the payment process. Ensure that the discount has been applied.

In addition, Al Mowafir website offers a very distinctive app on Android and iOS devices, after downloading the application you can get the latest updates regarding sales coupons. For example, if there is a new coupon, you will get an immediate alert to have more chances to use it, especially as some coupons are limited to a specific time and should not be exceeded.

What are you waiting for?? Download the app and start a new shopping experience from Souq.

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