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Online retail is taking the world by storm. You can use this to your advantage and start selling art online at the best price.

Here Is a Step By Step Guide To Selling Your Work Of Art Online.

Create an online profile as an artist.

Create an account on all social media channels and project yourself. Highlight your most creative works and prior experiences.

Let your passion show on your profile. Doing this builds credibility. People can trust you as a legitimate artist.

Be part of online artist communities.

Being in the right place at the right time is the secret of success. There are various art communities online. Create an account on them and participate. These sites let you to showcase your work on their website. When someone buys your work, they’d charge a commission for their services.

That’s the perfect approach to selling online. Before you finalize things with websites like these, ensure that you’ve read through all the terms and conditions so that you can avoid any future issues.

Publicize your work.

Spread samples of your work online through social media channels. Add a watermark when putting out samples of your artwork. This prevents theft by other people. Do some research on leading artists and observe what makes them tick. Try and get your work noticed in as many places as possible.

Start a blog

Every creative professional has a blog these days. This blog also serves as a portfolio. Create a blog that kickstarts your portfolio. Populate it with your best work. This builds an online collection of your work that you can show to anyone that’s interested in your work and wants to hire you.

Build a mailing list

Email marketing is found to have one of the highest conversion rates for e-commerce so far. You can use it to propel your art sales. Keep a record of all the customers who buy from you. Send them timely and well thought out emails. That adds a personal touch that can be gratifying to the customer.

Good pictures go a long way

Online sales are all about visual appeal. That goes doubly so for art. It’s imperative that your images are top notch. Use high-quality images at high resolutions. This shows every detail of your work. But ensure that your images don’t have a huge file size. It might take a long time to load. People might get disinterested and leave.


Get a license to safeguard your work. If there’s ever any conflict, your license will be considered by authorities.

Create your own website

E-commerce website

If you can, create a website that serves as your personal gallery to showcase and sell your work. Having your own web page makes you look like a professional. Once a user lands on your page, you don’t have to compete with other artists. The customer can only see your work. At the moment, it’s not that difficult to start a website. With platforms like Shopify, you can have a store up and running within a week. Selling through your own website is lucrative as well since you don’t have to pay any commission to mediators.

Give it time to sell art online

Online business takes it time to get people hooked. You art sales are a business. They’ll take time to properly flourish as a business.

If you are a budding artist who’s trying to get visibility, know that selling isn’t different than any other business. The same factors of marketing and credibility apply to you as an artist as well.


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