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It is hard to enjoy a productive game if you are not comfortably positioned. Since gaming calls for long hours of play, usually sitting in one place, it can prove very uncomfortable to play on an ordinary couch or the floor. If you intend to keep gaming, you may need to invest in a comfortable gaming chair to save you the stress on the pressure points of your body, salvaging you from spinal health issues.

Every year there are changes in technology that also apply in the world of gaming. In 2018, you want to be current with the best gaming chairs available. Here is a look at five of the best gaming chairs in 2018:

SecretLab Titan Gaming chair

SecretLab Titan is an ergonomically-designed sturdy gaming chair that cannot go unnoticed in 2018. The chair features thick padding of cold-cured foam all over, that is comfortable to sit and lean on. The chair is then covered with thick PU leather, which makes a perfect combination of a high-quality gaming chair.

This chair is firm enough for a weight capacity of 290 pounds with a recline angle of 165 degrees. The chair has 4D adjustable PU rubber armrests that are kind to your wrists throughout gaming. Unlike most gaming chair, the SecretLab Titan has a large surface and is therefore accommodative for large-bodied gamers, as well as velour head pillows for adequate neck support.

Noblechairs ICON Real Leather gaming chair

Noblechairs Icon is a premium racing style chair made of steel, with top-grain leather with beautiful stitches to complete the luxurious polished look. Although it has a hefty price tag on it, this chair is generous with cold-cured foam that swiftly conforms to the shape of your back and molds around your body elevating comfort during gaming.

The chair has extra pillows for the lumbar and neck regions, together with 4D adjustable armrests to cater for a better posture while gaming. The chair can tune for height up to 10 cm, and recline up to 135 degrees, with a rocking mechanism. The chair also offers a smooth glide across the room with a five-star base made from aluminum and is resistant to corrosion.

Steelcase Gesture gaming chair

Steelcase Gesture is among the most comfortable gaming chair there is in the market, with expert gamers reporting to enjoy a cloud-like experience when sitting on it. The chair has an ergonomic design fully padded with smart memory foam that conveniently adjusts as you sit, as per your posture and sitting position. The chair further has a breathable fabric cover that ensures air-circulation throughout gaming.

The Steelcase Gesture gaming chair has impressively adjustable for height, as well as the armrests that have four movable parts, supporting not only your wrist but also your elbows. The Steelcase Gesture chair is available in a range of stylish options and is an iconic gaming chair choice in 2018. Its sturdy frame can accommodate a tremendous weight capacity of 400 pounds, with a recline of up to 116 degrees. The best part is that this chair has four fabric choices you can choose from, as well as a lifetime warranty. Even though it is costly, it is incredibly worth it.

GM Seating Ergolux Office Chair

The GM Seating Ergolux Office chair spots an executive style ergonomically designed to fit your back and head for comfort automatically. This chair has a tasteful sleek and stylish appearance that screams comfort. The chair spots real calf-skin leather that is unmatched as to matters comfort and luxury in the way it is soft to the skin.

The chair has an adjustable headrest and movable lumbar support for added coziness. It also has 3D adjustable armrests and can adjust for height. Its recline angle is 180 degrees and can be convenient for naps. The chair is pretty responsive and reactive in the way it automatically fine-tunes when you sit on it. The chair will allow for a smooth glide with the metal base and the casters that are highly flexible.

Office Master OM5 gaming chair

The Office Master OM5 is a mid-range ergonomic chair you may need to consider in 2018, specifically for the unique reason that it is self-adjusting. The chair automatically responds to different weights and body sizes without the need for manual adjustments, and all the coziness is experienced on the back and hip areas.

This chair features a polyflex material for the back and a fabric seat and is available in highly customizable colours. The Office Master OM5 chair can take a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds and is the best option for gamers looking for a gaming chair with minimal manual adjustments for transitioning from an upright position to a reclined relaxing position.

2018 is the year to try out the best of what the gaming world has to offer. It works to your advantage to secure a top-notch gaming chair customized for comfort, and nothing beats this list of five fantastic chairs. For more on what to look for in a gaming chair in 2018, visit https://www.ultimategamechair.com/.

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