Proven Strategies to Brand Your Social Media Posts

Struggling with effective ways to brand your social media posts? We have studied big brands that are doing amazing things with their social media accounts.

And in this post, we will be revealing what we have learned and how you can use the same strategies to grow your social media account and effectively brand your business online.

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Develop a Consistent Tone:

The first step to effective online branding is to develop a consistent tone for all your social media activities. From the wording on your profiles to your daily social media posts, ad copy.

So, whether you are managing a personal business account or handling a client’s account, it is important to identify a tone and writing style and stick to it as much as possible. While it is always advisable to communicate in a conversational tone, being formal or combining both isn’t a bad idea as long as you stick to a tone.

Take the image above as an example. Garyvee has a tone that has come to become his trademark. His posts, be it visual or text has this bold and audacious tone. He doesn’t care if your ego is hurt as long a he gets you to do the right thing. People know him for that and it is easy to differentiate his message from others, even if it’s textual.

Your Visuals Should Bear Your Logo:

Visuals – images and videos are the easiest social media content types to brand. Unfortunately, many small and medium-size businesses never consider branding their visuals in any form.

If you are regularly uploading videos and sharing images on your social media accounts, attaching a logo to them will help strengthen your branding effort.

Bear in mind that visual content generates more views and engagement across most platforms. So, If you are doing the right thing with your visuals, it can help you gain free brand awareness when viewers share your posts.

There are numerous ways to brand your visual content. You can attach your company’s logo to all images and videos.

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Choose Specific Fonts and Colors, and Stick to them:

Another thing to do is to make sure that the background colors used in all your videos follow a consistent tone. In addition to that, the style and color of the fonts used in your videos and images should be uniform across all your social media accounts.

Choosing one or two fonts and sticking to them will make it very easy for your audience to identify your content even outside of your social media accounts. With these, even when your

logo is cropped out, people could still match your content to your brand.

Proven Strategies to Brand Your Social Media Posts
Proven Strategies to Brand Your Social Media Posts

Take Surf’n’FriesUAE as an example, the fonts, and colors used in all their social media posts – image and text are the same. Shades of red, yellow and green, and simple black fonts.

Focus on Sharing Only Content Related to Your Brand/Niche:

By this, I don’t mean posting the same type of content every day. It will make your page appear boring, and may decrease engagement.

So, in as much as it is important to stick to sharing content related to your product or services, it is a good practice to develop a content calendar that accommodates user-generated content, memes, GIFs, national holidays, weekend posts, and other kinds of non-promotional content that your audience may be interested in.

However, everything you do should have a touch of the image you are striving to project. The magic lies in finding a balance between making your audience happy and projecting your image in the best way possible.

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Effectively branding your social media posts requires some work. It starts with being consistent with the use of tone to the kind of visuals yo share and how they are designed. These four strategies will help you create harmony in the way you create and share your social media posts.

And when done the right way and consistently, the benefits are immense – talk about the improved connection with your audience, customer loyalty, and legitimate outlook.

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