Most Popular Word Games Of All Time

Games have their own psychological parameters over our skills, memory, vision, and IQ. We all just love to play games, and in the era of digitalization, people are most prone to online games or downloaded one. The strategy of games has been changed, as earlier all stuff was offline and now even the apps of outdoor sports are also be customized.

If we talk about the most popular games then, Word Games are somehow all time favorite of people, scrabble and Unscrambler aspects of word games great measures and extraordinary deeds for the brain. If you are one who loves to explore IQ and wants to boost memory then can pick any of Word Game. Such types of game in mobile gaming era are best means for brain exercise and can be played anytime, anywhere.

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Despite being boosting the brain power and IQ level, these are also reasonably great for sharpening the vocabulary and can add fun as well. If you are one who wants to decode word game over your handy gadget then simply download them from Google Play store or iOS App Store. Below we have listed some of the Most Popular Word Games Of All Time which are available for both users, iOS and Android respectively. So let’s clear the chaos!

Top Six, Word Games For Brain Exercise:


This specific game is one of the leading favorites of users over smart gadget gaming. The name of the game “Crossword” is focused entirely with the genre of the game as inherited with puzzles and scrabble of words that need to resolved precisely as require the great skill of words.

Crossword puzzles have a long history of domination over many other games and are featured with answerable strategies as well which helps users to unlock the words whenever stuck. Hint and highlights are great helpers that can actually work as a trick and clues for the hidden words.


Unlike other games and applications, Crossword does not offer any purchasing of the additional app, but some ads might create anarchy while playing puzzles that can be clear with the option of removing ads in $4.99. Crossword is available for both the platform iOS and Android.

Word Cookies:

Well! This particular game is the single player game where the user can create the number of words all alone in with the set of letters over the screen. Word Cookies is simple and easy to play with proper controls of swipe and touch. There are many levels in the games that can be efficiently resolved and decode and is the less puzzling game than Crossword. Word Cookies is also rewarded with coins when user will beat the level next to next, and these rewarded coins can be used to buy hints and clues for words when getting stuck.


Ads over Word Cookies can be easily removed by a one-time amount of $1.99, which later won’t affect the continuity of the game as won’t pop up in between the levels.

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The is one of the great brain exercising game that can be merely played over the smartphone and can be played by laden cobbling of alphabets to make words. As to measure the ratio of the level game gives bears room to grow bigger with every earning point while playing. Unlike Scrabble games points are rewarded in letters, and there are fixed turns to set it into a word before it gets expires. Once they are set to form a word, the unused letters will block bear the path and keep increasing rapidly to need to be done quickly.

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The mode of “Versus” will let you play and compete with friends and you can also see the scores of the best players in your list.

Word Search:

Word Search is one of the easiest and simple word game that hunt players with down and cross puzzles in a table format of letters or alphabets. While playing the game the player will be rewarded with coins that can be used later to get the clues to resolve the challenging puzzles. However, the hint about the letters also appears in sudden flashes during the extended periods of inactivity while playing.


However, in some stages, letters will disappear, if you will take much of time to get the word and count that as the unsolvable puzzle. There are no in-app purchases, but yet some irritating ads like other apps can be appeared often in between the game. Word Search is also available for both iOS and Android users to boost brain exercise.


Wordscape is unique in itself, as with beautiful themes in the picturesque, that helps eyes and brain exercise a mood of relaxing mood while playing word puzzles. Playing word search is almost similar like other word games with actions of swiping letters into words with a systematic formation of tiles.


Once the player with complete with the puzzling task will get rewards as coins that can be further used to purchase hints and clues when stuck while playing, in fact, in the word search, if the player will form some more words apart for the puzzles then will earn extra coins instead of those unused words.

The game is also provided with options of removing ads permanently just in $2.99, yet appears in stages which irritates too less later. Wordscape game encounters its players/ users with interesting stages and levels with unscrambler decoding strategies so is one of the listed Most Popular Word Gamed Of All Time. This game can be easily downloaded from iOS App Store and Play Store as well.


This game is quite fast-paced word game than others which actually randomly generates letters and alphabets around as in the series of tiles. Each letter is valuable like we have in scrabble games, and the point is you can easily cross up the words together for more new words and points.

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Wordsmith is classified with time or moved mode gameplay which both are interesting and challenging in their own ways. The game is not lesser as based on dictionaries of Letterpress. Wiktionary and SOWPODS. Word mint is available for download on both gadgetry platforms, iOS, and Android. The game has some popping boxes with ads yet have no in-app purchases. Wordsmith is worth trying game over the smartphone to check your brain smartness.

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