The Change in 2019 Trends Due to Database Management Using Big Data

The amount of big data that is collected daily from various businesses, companies, social media, apps, subscription forms, surveys, emails, and so many more resources pools up to form enormous amount of data, which needs to be handled with the appropriate infrastructure for data management. Managing raw data is the first stage, after which comes sorting of data and storing of data in a proper form to create databases. And based on those databases the concept of database management comes on. It’s a long process where the result depends on how well the first step of handling the raw, unorganized big data was taken. The way the data were handled earlier is not the same now. With advancing technology and better and robust database management systems, things are now much advanced. Hence in 2019 the change in trend in big data management, as well as raw data handling and management, is significantly visible.


Availability of big data is easy for everyone now

Earlier access to big data was confined to the big businesses and industries only who are giant players in the market, simply because they could afford for storing of the big data in many forms and could bear most of the infrastructure to store all the data. Now things have changed a lot with the advent of cloud technologies. Now even small businesses and firms can use the cloud-based big data and use them in various ways to benefit from them. That is why big data is now available readily to anyone who wants to use it without having to think so much about storage and infrastructure and the associated expenses. Expert database administrative services like are witnessing this change bit by bit. Discussed below are the changing trends in big data use and how data is analyzed and used.  

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The ‘internet of things’ market is growing because of big data demand

The network of ‘internet of things,’ or in short IoT is going to boom fast. This will generate a cash flow of $300 per year, by the year 2020. This global market of IoT is going to grow at 28.5% of CAGR, which is a big growth. More and more businesses, companies, organizations, and industries would be relying on the IoC to collect data as they need, and the pressure and dependency on data points are going to increase.

Analytics on prediction

Analytics on prediction is the new trend, which helps organizations by telling about customer choices, buying trends, responses to campaigns and products, etc. Based on this they can make plans for cross-selling of items. Many domains which are diverse are getting benefitted from the way predictive analytics have helped infuse technology in the right way. Healthcare, pharmacy, hospitality, automotive, retail, finance and so many industries have benefitted from this.

Dark data use

The part of raw data, which is extracted after taking out the usable data, or the raw data which is never used at all, both are termed as dark data. Dark data is that part of big data which does not get processed or used, and just stays stored in the raw, unsorted, unorganized form, for later reference if at all needed. Such data is derived from different networks and computers and operations, and cannot be used for any information extraction or decision making. As organizations are dealing with an increased amount of such data daily now, hence it’s a matter of deep concern and a checkpoint everywhere that if the explored data that is left unprocessed, is posing any threat or loss of opportunity to find useful data from the junk data or not. This is being analyzed now as a new trend with more care.

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Change in work profiles

Change in work profiles is evident now with the revolution in database management brought by big data. Now organizations are hiring data managers, data engineers, and many other data workers and experts who can help with data analysis, data cleaning, data prediction, data visualization, and data insights. On top of all that a new role has emerged which many people are still unaware of, and organizations working with data on a large scale are getting aware of. This is the role of chief data officer, abbreviated CDO. All data experts with experience can pursue to work in this role in leading organizations and businesses where there is a need for one.

Help in the development of quantum computing

It’s the use of big data and the organized use of this in making of quantum computing technology for which the leading tech giants are fighting neck to neck. And database management using big data is the key to formulate the basic structure for the successful quantum computer, which would be smarter than all computing inventions to date. Complex operations like weather prediction, medical solutions, financial modeling, all can get easier when organizations would be able to develop advanced algorithms, cloud tools, software and apps for quantum computing.

More free tools and open source programs

More and more open source, free, database management tools and languages would be emerging and getting popular in 2019. Upcoming languages like R would change the way startups, and small businesses start with their database management. Things will get improved in such a way that big data use through cloud-based open source languages would become easier.

Edge computing would see advancement

2019 will see more evolvement and advancement in edge computing. Data analytics is now dependent partly on the bandwidth of the network, which helps in saving of data which is accessed close to the local source. This changes the way data is stored, accessed, and processed, and here edge data centers are getting active.

Concluding notes

Database management and the influence of the use of big data on this has brought several changes to date and would be showing more changes in database management in 2019. Here are some of the more prominent trends along with the many other subtle changes in trend too.


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