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We all know that Life has one thing certain and that is nothing but death. Yes, LIFE KILLS, but until it does so, it is we who have opportunity to live that life. When I say live it, it’s just not living but LIVING the life.

Here is 11 points which will give you a real meaning of LIVING LIFE:

Do what gives you happiness:

The biggest mistake we tend to do in our life is we focus doing things because of peer pressure. Things which really don’t fits to our interest. Thus we end up comprising nothing but the happiness from our life. Nothing is more important than you being happy in life and thus the primary focus of yours should be work or to something which can really make you happy.

It’s not the happy destination but the happy journey, which matters.

Spend time with family and friends:

It is really important while you are actually living your life that you must spend time with your family and friends. Most of us get so occupied in our professional life (just to make money for our self and our family) without realising that our family needs us and not our so called money. It’s we, who are needed to complete the happiness of the family and of our self.

An individuals who can actually balance their professional and personal life and gives required time to their friends and family is actually the ones who lives their live.

Trying improving rather than proving:

Most of us in our life struggle to prove our self. Sometimes we prove our self to our boss and sometimes to our family, sometimes to our friends and sometimes to our relatives. Life is like a exam where each of us trying to get better marks than others just to prove that they are bit better.

This is where we do a big mistake, in the process of proving others we forget to improve on our self.

While competition with other, we forget that our only competitors are we our self and must keep on improving our self to achieve and to be called better than yesterday.

Don’t just Go through life, Grow through life:

Yes, you read it right.

Most of us of today’s generation are in a misconception that they are living their life the way they should. Actually they are just going through life.

Whatever direction life is taking them, they are taking that turn thinking that they are living their life happily. When it comes to growing, it’s now how others look at you but it’s you, how you see it comparing your past. You must always look growth from life. We never know we will be alive till when but the point is that until we survive and someone looks at our journey, they must feel that you have grown in your life and more than them, you must be satisfied that you have really got positive growth in your life.

Never be worried about the failure:

Failure is the best teacher but fear of failure is the biggest road block to success. Doubt kills more dreams that a failure can. So, always remember that success and failure is part of the process and it comes and goes but what is important to you is to try things which you want to and to love the journey you are living.

Once you understand that life is not about achieving, not about success or failure but it’s all about the journey that gives you chances to try and do things which you really want to do.

Prefer Learning over earning:

Ohh yeah..  Everyone one of us defines someone’s achievement from how much money they have earned. This is the only reason why each of us are fighting with in & out to make sure that we are making hell lot of money to be called as successful. Nobody is looking for learning in & from life.

Remember, it’s not the cup you are holding that is important but the taste of the tea which really matters.

Not saying that don’t go after money, but make sure that you give priority to learning in life rather than just earning in life. You will be valued and remembered for the life lesson u have learned and taught and not for the money you have earned.

Don’t let others defining your success:

Never ever does this mistake. This kills most of your dreams and turns you into frustration and depression because it’s them who say that you are not achieving or you are not successful. Actually, it’s your life and it’s you who should decide what success means to you. It’s not always money or designation which matters, sometimes; it’s your happiness which may be synonyms to your success.

If you are happy while living your journey, in some means you are successful but yet, it’s you and only you who must decide what success or achievement means to you.

Be helpful to others: 

Do some charity, be helpful to others and believe me this would give an indifference peace. Remember, you are not going to live after an age and people will remember you for your efforts given for them and not for yourself. So, whenever and whatever possible, live for others.

Being helpful it will give you a great level of satisfaction from your life.

Get utilised, avoid to get used:

People in today’s world are mostly getting used rather than getting utilised.

You may be utilised only when you start understanding your worth and don’t let others to use you the way they want you to.

Your knowledge and your expertise should lead the chart and you must understand the same rather than people judging your worth and start using you as per their comfort and requirement.

Don’t expect life to be fair, its life; not wife:

Not so funny though. When we started this article with the heading LIFE KILLS, it is simply understood that life is not fair to anyone.

Life has its job and the job is to keep on throwing problems at you.

Remember, you may still have option to shout or react to wife and get it settled later, but reacting to life will not make such sense. It’s good that rather than blaming life for its problems, start looking for solutions to your problems.

Problems are not in life, Life is in problems; enjoy it:

We all have heard hearing many a times that life has so many problems.

Ohh yeah,

Every individual’s life has such problems but the fact is that between those so many problems, you also have something called LIFE.

I say, It’s not problems in Life, its life in between those problems and we must learn to live and enjoy that life rather than being worried about the problems.

By Preeti Mishra

Founder of | Content Writer | Foodie | Motivator | Political Analyst | Day Dreamer

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