What are the Job Opportunities in Digital Marketing?

Over the years, the techniques of traditional marketing have been used to get the right audience. Traditional marketing includes advertising on radio, newspapers, billboards, Television Ads, Flyers, etc. these methods have been tried and tested by marketers.

Though traditional marketing has its own set of advantages, it can become expensive for some businesses. New businesses sometimes, struggle to spend the required capital on traditional marketing. Here Digital Marketing comes into play. The form of marketing that is done through digital platforms is known as Digital Marketing. This has been a cost-effective measure of setting up the customer base. It is important for marketers to make their presence where people spend most of their time. So in this way, Digital Marketing has made its way through online platforms.


The common Digital Marketing techniques are Paid Ads, Blogs, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, etc. Digital Marketing has brought up new career opportunities for today’s professionals and students. Read out the rest of the article to find out the job opportunities that Digital Marketing offers and why it makes sense to achieve digital marketing certification.

Job Opportunities that digital marketing offers are

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The SEO specialist is responsible for getting their website results at the top of the Search engine results. So the more the website appears among the top results, the more traffic a website gets.

Some of the responsibilities of the SEO specialist/manager includes:

  • Analyzing any website errors which might slow down the website.
  • In-depth analysis of the keywords and their importance in driving the traffic
  • identifying areas of further improvement
  • creating natural backlinks
  • Splitting test pages that are similar in content and nature
  • Using the proper knowledge of scripting languages and blogging platforms to make the best use of it
  • Assessing the quality of content and consumer behavior thereafter
  • Evaluating competitor pages and assessing how they drive organic traffic to their sites.
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Search Engine Marketer(SEM)

The search engine marketer is responsible for marketing their products and services in the form of paid ads. These ads can be on social media as well as other websites. The aim is to drive traffic quickly which doesn’t happen in the case of SEO strategies.

Some of the key responsibilities of the SEM/PPC marketer are:

  • Identifying and analyzing key performance indicators (KPI)
  • To position the brand effectively on the search engine results, the SEM marketer leverages the benefits of google analytics, google adwords, etc.
  • Important business skills and the ability to organize.
  • The adaptability of new goals and understanding of new goals and ideas
  • Finding new suggestions for keywords, targeting, retargeting, structuring a paid campaign
  • Carefully going through web analytics dashboards and keeping an eye on keyword bids, budget allocation, and overall strategy of paid advertising.
  • Having a good knowledge of keyword tools and web analytics tools is requiring as they are known to drive sales performance and target groups to your desired places.
  • Grasping the needs of PPC in the target markets.
  • Thorough knowledge of MS-Excel, PowerPoint, and MS-Word

The average salary of the PPC marketer in the digital marketing industry is 5 to 7 lakhs.

Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager is responsible for the branding of the products and services through the medium of social media. So some of the popular channels that are used for marketing are, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. the important aspect behind this is that people spend most of their time on social media. So it is important for businesses to make a presence where there is a huge audience. In this way, it enhances the organic traffic.

Some of their duties include:

  • Generation of inbound traffic
  • Measuring performance through social media tools such as Tweetdeck, buffer, post planner, etc.
  • Cultivation and nurturing of leads and converting the leads into the customers by engaging them through good quality content.
  • Managing the content and most importantly scheduling them.
  • Figuring out which strategy works on which social media platform is the part not to be missed out. Making sure that all the social media platforms are used at their best for marketing. Anyone potential platform shouldn’t be missed as it may give a wonderful opportunity.
  • Managing all the social media campaigns with discipline and efficiency.

The average salary of the social media manager is 3 to 7 lakhs.

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Content marketing manager

The way of marketing through valuable and engaging content is growing popularly. So the content marketing manager is responsible for circulating in different channels and blogging websites. Content marketing comprises of evaluation, implementation, and monitoring of the results of a sound content strategy for your clients and/or product or service.

The initial task that the content marketing manager should do is to figure out the digital marketing strategy for lead generation through content. The different areas to consider are:

  • Analyze your competition
  • Assess your target group
  • Analyze the different channels and content marketing tools at your disposal.
  • Prepare the content keeping in mind the different areas that garner interest among consumers.
  • You must have all the tasks scheduled in the calendar.
  • Analyze how your posted content is doing and whether it is generating enough interest to bring in leads and turn them into consumers.

Content managers have two sections working under them:

  • Content writers/copywriters

A content writer writes content in order to drive traffic towards their business while the copywriter writes the content for making a positive change for their products and services. Both the content writers and copywriters are in high demand for influencing their customers.


It is now very clear from the above context that digital marketing offers various opportunities for people. As you know that Digital Marketing has its own benefits, it will be worth applying for the businesses. If you are a marketing enthusiast or any professional who wish to start their career in the stream of Digital Marketing, then take the initial step by learning it. You can also learn with the help of courses available in e-learning platforms. The courses are also designed keeping in mind, the busy schedule of people. The benefit is that it can be learned within a shorter period of time.

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