7 Tips on How to Effectively Promote Digital Courses on Social Media

Social media channels are an amazing source of traffic that every webmaster, marketer, and product owner can leverage to become successful. Digital courses, like all digital products, are assets that will remain forever. Once written and published, you can sell them over and over again for many, many years.

The only problem is that very few digital courses witness success in these days. The competition is bigger than ever, and every digital course promoter should understand that in order for his product to stand out, the digital marketing techniques he uses must also stand out.

In today’s post, we’re providing 7 tips on how to effectively promote digital courses on social media. The key to social media marketing success lies in a number of factors such as branding, marketing, the value of the products, and much more. We’ll cover many aspects, so pay attention and make sure you apply!

 Develop a Target Persona

The first thing you have to do before you even attempt to market your course is the development of your target persona. This is basically the imaginary person who is very likely to be interested in your digital course.

Use your imagination to create the perfect target persona for your own business. This will help you with your targeting efforts and will improve the ROI of your social campaigns. Here are some insights on how you should start:

  • Gender and Age
  • Nationality and Living Location
  • Interests, desires, cravings
  • Needs, problems, setbacks
  • Mindset, attitude, spiritual level
  • Income, possibilities
  • Qualities and flaws

Start with these criteria but don’t stop here. Keep narrowing until you have a very “select” target persona. Every time you’ll develop content, copy, or products and share them on your social channels, you should align everything in such a way that your target persona will love it. That’s how you win loyal customers that’ll keep buying your courses over and over again.

Invest in Paid Advertising

Besides organic traffic, social media networks are famous for their incredible advertising features that can place your brand in front of the most targeted audience ever. Indeed, you’ll have to spend a portion of your budget on testing and optimizing your ad campaigns, but in the end, it will be totally worth it.

“Pay close attention to your campaign’s objectives. Ideally, you should bring all your social traffic to your website and convert them into email subscribers. Offer a free, high-quality short PDF on an interesting topic (that is also related to your digital product). This way you can build a targeted list of prospects that are very close to purchasing your paid course.” – Mary Hewed, Marketing Specialist at Rush My Essay Writing Service.

Establish Your Brand’s USP (Unique Selling Point)

What makes your digital course better than the rest? Why would your target persona buy your course instead of your biggest competitors? That’s a good question you need to ask yourself when trying to promote courses on social media.

To draw the attention of your social prospects, you should stand out with a clear, unique, and powerful USP. The unique selling point of your brand represents the unique value and benefits that your product brings to its users. Think about what makes your course special and state it loud and clear in your promotional copy.

unique selling point

Give a Lot of Value for Free

Intrusive marketing is no longer an effective way of grabbing the attention of the public. Nowadays, if you want to be remarked, you must provide value first and expect for something in return later.

Think about it. If your digital course teaches advanced social media strategies, you can introduce your unique value proposition through several pieces of content that you publish online for free.

For example, developing 3 big articles of 3000 words each explaining the “3 Steps to Social Media Success”, a lot of people will go through it will expect to consume more of your content. The next step would be to direct them to your paid digital course that explains the topic better.

Tidy Up Your Business Page

If you expect people to treat your course seriously, you’ll need to tidy up your online presence. No matter what social channel you’re using, ensure that you choose the proper brand name, create the best description, and leave reliable contact information.

Moreover. You should consistently post quality content of your own, but also curated posts from indirect competitors, giving them a credit for their work. Make your business page look professional. This will have a great effect on your brand reputation and eventually on your sales performance.

Leverage Social Media Influencers

You can put your digital course in front of thousands and even millions of potentially interested customers with the help of social media influencers. Basically, you make a list of popular individuals/popular pages on different social channels. This list should contain only brand entities and appeal to your own target audience, so the chance of finding great prospects grows higher.

Get in touch with each of these entities and introduce your request. You’ll have to negotiate a price, or, if you have something else the influencer needs, you can trade that in exchange for the promotion he serves you.

Analyze, Optimize, Scale

In order for your social marketing to be effective, you need to keep track of your results by measuring the metrics of your campaigns. To do so, you should take advantage of several tools for social analytics.

By measuring the CTR, the social engagement, and the general conversion of your offers, you’ll know whether you’re using the right strategies. Analyze, optimize, and scale!


Luckily, social media gives you all the necessary tools to make your digital course a big hit. After all, if your course is valuable and your marketing is smart, there are slim chances for failure. The more knowledge you have and the better you implement it, well, the more you’ll win off your digital course. Stay consistent and learn from your mistakes!




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