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       If you were searching for content about the Instagram dark mode. You have come to the right place. Instagram dark mode just rolled out on iOS and Android for real. Instagram isn’t about to let everyone else have all the fun. Yep, now it has a dark mode option.

This updated dark feature helps you in saving your device’s battery life and even simultaneously reduces the strain on your eyes. Dark mode brings a major change to apps by changing the usual white background to a darker shade.

 Here we are going to see how to enable it on both. Let’s start with Instagram’s dark mode on the iPhone. Plenty of Instagram users have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts well. There is actually a simple workaround to get a dark mode on Instagram.

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   If you are on the latest version of iOS that is iOS 13, you probably know about the dark mode. Now with the new version of Instagram from the app store if you enable dark mode on your device Instagram will automatically go into the dark mode and the same thing works in reverse.

 So, if you don’t have dark mode enabled Instagram will be in light mode and as soon as you enable dark mode from the control center the lights turn off inside Instagram everywhere inside the app. This looks really good, the gradient of stories looks awesome, photos pop out and if you are on an OLED it’s a true really nice dark black. 

The UX doesn’t really change at all other than the fact that it is easier on the eyes and it looks clean. If you are not on iOS 13 if you are on iOS 12 or an older version there’s a workaround to get yourself a dark mode again if you haven’t updated yet. You can also get automatic followers through this!

  The other method is to go into your iPhone settings go into general go-to accessibility and scroll down to accessibility shortcuts. From there choose smart invert. Whenever you triple-click the lock button or if you have an older iPhone it will be the home button then your iPhone will smartly invert the colors system-wide. Instagram is primarily a white app that will smart invert its colors. 


    First of all open, the Instagram updated app that you have installed. Tip on the settings and you can see the Instagram app version. The latest updated version is which allows you to enable the dark mode. So, any way you need to first of all launch the Instagram app and as you can see everything is white by default. The trick is very simple. You just need to simply shutdown the notification panel and you will see the night mode option. Then switch back to the Instagram account and now tape on big. So, you can see everything will be of course dark. This is the only option available for Android 9 pi devices. So, if you have the latest android version, you will find the night good option on their setting. This is one of the most popular features which helps you to make everything black. It won’t work on another Android version like 11.

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Steps to turn on Dark Mode for Instagram?

Dark Mode adjusts the colors on your screen for a darker appearance. To turn on Dark Mode for Instagram, go to your iOS or Android device settings.

Keep in mind that:

*You’ll need to update your device’s operating system to iOS 13 or Android 10 as well as your Instagram app.

* By turning on Dark Mode in your device’s settings, you may see Dark Mode activated on several apps, not just Instagram.


Step 1: Updated the latest version of iOS 13.

Step 2: Open the setting app on your device.

Step 3: Scroll down to the display and brightness option

Step 4: There you will see the option of light mode and dark mode

Step 5: Click on the dark mode option

Step 6: Your iPhone will turn into the dark mode.

Step 7: You can also click on the automatic option. The automatic option will automatically change the mode during daytime and night time.

Now you can enjoy the darkness!


Step 1: Make sure that you are running Android 10 and have the latest version of Instagram installed.

Step 2: Open the setting app on your device.

Step 3: Scroll down to the display and brightness option

Step 4: There you will see the options tap advanced.

Step 5: Select dark from the device theme menu.

Now you can gloom with Instagram dark mode!

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 Often time dark mode isn’t obvious whether an app or a program. But now it’s necessary for eye protection and protects from health issues.


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