The Inner Workings of an IT Support Company

IT is one of the most important aspects of today’s business and whatever your chosen industry might be, you will need IT services. Doing business in a digital world demands a high level of connectivity and any company or organization that isn’t using IT services will not reach its fullest potential.

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Here are some of the most popular services offered by the IT managed services provider.

  • IT Consultation – Prior to investing in IT equipment, you should ask an IT consulting company in Las Vegas to make some recommendations; there are many specifications for office PCs and network hardware and you need to be sure you are getting the best hardware for your dollars. In order to prepare for business expansion, it is important to install structured cabling and have adequate wireless routers around the office. With the help of an IT consultant, you can plan for the future and put the hardware infrastructure into place.
  • Digitalize data – If you are preparing to migrate to the cloud, all of your invoices and other business documentation need to be scanned and stored. Once this has been completed, your IT support partner can create a secure cloud network on which to store all your business data. You can say goodbye to those bulky filing cabinets that take up so much floor space; when an office worker needs a document, they can instantly bring it up on their workstation monitor, and that makes your office more productive. When paper documents arrive, scan them and file the original away, storing the digital copy on your cloud network; it won’t be long before we stop using paper, perhaps 2 years at most. Click here for further reading on IT support and what it involves.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol – VoIP communication takes your business to the next dimension of digital communication, with real-time video and crystal-clear audio. You can arrange video meetings with your sales team, collaborating in a real-time virtual environment that allows the exchange of ideas. The cost is minimal when compared to cell phone networks that charge by the minute, plus there are so many benefits to VoIP. Distance is no object and using platforms such as Zoom and Skype for Business, you have total connectivity for you and your employees. Wearing headsets allows you to communicate on the move; all your staff should wear them, while the IT support company will teach your staff how to use the equipment and the system.
  • Cyber security – Every business needs to have good cyber-security in place; the number of cyber-attacks in the US per day is quite alarming and while we only get to hear about major hacks, small businesses are often the victim of data theft. How can you be sure that your network is impenetrable? Ask an IT support company to carry out some penetration testing, then they ask ethical hackers to try and penetrate your network defenses. Most of their clients ask for cyber-security, which is more important than ever, especially during these troubling times. You should also train your staff on how to notice anything suspicious when working online.
  • IT hardware support – We all know how unpredictable IT hardware can be; the office PCs get that dreaded blue screen more often than you’d like, while printers always seem to break down in the middle of an important print. When you take out an IT support package with a local company, they ensure that your computers and peripherals are always up and running, and with some maintenance here and there, your IT hardware will perform as it should. With this critical support, you and your staff no longer have to concern yourselves when hardware malfunctions, simply call the IT technician and they will come and fix it.
  • Cloud applications – It might be that your staff prefer Office 365, in which case, the IT support company can help you acquire an inexpensive business license to use a wide range of business software. If you are unsure about software licensing, talk to a Las Vegas-based IT support company and they can get access to whatever programs you need. You might need to get a license to use Adobe products, in which case the IT support company can set this up for a small fee.
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The above are the most sought-after managed IT services that US businesses are using and should you require any of the above, search online for a local IT support company in Vegas, that has all the solutions. Once you join forces with a local managed IT services company, they can take care of cyber-security and introduce Internet telephony to you and your staff. In order to have a high level of connectivity, wireless solutions are recommended, which actually improves productivity.

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