The Importance of Utility Mapping

Let’s admit the fact that it can be pretty difficult to know what’s beneath a particular ground and even if you dig it, it’s going to take a lot of time and a lot of effort to know if there are any sewer, water or gas pipes, etc beneath. The point is that nowadays when we are surrounded by technology and its wonders then why dig, drill or use other extremely difficult ways to know about the subsurface? Like why can’t we just opt for technology like GPR where the electromagnetic radiations are used to study the subsurface of a ground.


Especially the construction companies out there cannot start building something without studying and analyzing the land properly, and this is the main reason why utility mapping is necessary. For those who don’t know what utility mapping is, it basically is a process in which you are supposed to identify the position and label the public utility points that are located under the ground. From water pipes to gas pipes, to optic fiber, natural gas, and electricity distribution channels, utility mapping covers it all.

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The process of utility mapping includes the identification and then labeling of all the main lines and utility points so that if someone starts building or digging a part of the land, he or she would know what’s beneath it and what’s not supposed to be damaged at any cost. Moreover, if you combine utility mapping with topographical surveys, you’ll get a detailed and comprehensive view of what’s under the ground, and even if there’s any hidden treasure, you’ll be able to see it easily.

There are proper companies like Precision Utility Mapping Ireland that can help you with your GPR surveys, and if you don’t have the utility mapping technology then you can easily hire the professionals and such companies to do all the working for you.

The Importance Of Utility Mapping

You might be wondering that what exactly is the use of this technology and why does it need so much attention. Well, for starters, you cannot start digging or building something on a land that has major water or gas pipes beneath because that way ultimately you will end up damaging the public lines and that won’t be good for you and the workforce too. Technically there can be no argument on the importance of utility mapping. It’s just a must for every construction company.

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Why Should Utility Maps Be Used?

By not using a utility survey prior to working on a land, you can face some serious issues like the people doing all the digging and construction etc can face some serious damage. Recently there was a news about two men who suffered through flash burns due to the electric cable that was under the ground. The mistake they made was obvious that they didn’t use a utility survey before digging.

The need of the hour is that people need to start doing utility surveys before starting the construction and digging etc or else it won’t only damage the public pipelines and distribution mains, in fact, it can even lead to some serious injuries, and in some cases, it can even cost you a life.

We hope that the next time you start a project, you’ll have a utility survey done on the land first and after ensuring that there’s nothing to be damaged under the ground, you’ll then begin your project.

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