The impact of point of sale technology on marketing strategy

Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business because it attracts customers and increases the conversion rate. An effective marketing campaign will create a positive brand image in the customer’s mind because it is the first interaction with them. The marketing team utilizes every space, channel, and strategy to increase product and brand visibility. When a consumer is done with his shopping at your retail store, he spends a lot of time at the billing counter. Now imagine, how would he feel if he spends that time waiting to stare at a stranger back standing in front of them. 

Additionally, when you keep essential quick sellers near or at the cash counter will help to increase the conversion rate. In this blog, we will look at the impact of point-of-sale technology on your marketing strategy. 


Point of Sale Marketing  

Point of sale marketing is a strategy that retailers implement to increase sales, conversion rate, and revenue. This marketing strategy; can be implemented in and around the cash counter, which acts as a revenue booster to retail and restaurant businesses. Most business owners implement this marketing strategy by merchandising products near the billing area. Additionally, few business owners use digital and print signages that recommend new products or services to their customers. 

Which Businesses use Point of Sale Marketing in their Operations? 

Point of sale marketing strategy is mostly used by restaurant and retail business owners to prompt customers; to make last-minute buying decisions.  Moreover, this marketing strategy helps to increase the conversion rate of the lowest selling products. The best POS software will help businesses track and analyze the product performance to spot the lowest selling products. The retail business owners can decide to make strategic changes in the merchandising policy to sell these products off. 

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Grocery Shops: 

Grocery store business owners use this strategy by placing the products like candy, chocolate, magazines, and snacks near and around the register. Additionally, they also place products like sodas, aerated, and energy drinks near the cash counter to increase sales. According to expert research states that the products kept near the point of sale software will move quicker than the same product kept at some other location in the store.  The numbers support the research the products kept near POS will sell 1.5% to 2% faster than the same product kept in the aisle. Furthermore, the supermarket with a high number of walk-in; will sell the product 65% faster than small stores with a lesser; number of walk-ins. 

Petrol Pumps and Gas Stations:  

Gas station owners can use this strategy to earn some extra income by placing quick sellers like energy drinks, snacks, and other products on the premises. Additionally, if they have budget and permission, they can make a pickup shop on the go; or they can place a vending machine on the premises.  


Restaurant business owners can place desserts, snacks, and chocolates at the cash counter to make more revenue. Additionally, they can implement the best restaurant point of sale software that collects all the customer data and store them. Furthermore, this software will help to design an efficient marketing campaign and publish them on all your channels within a few clicks.  

Retail Business: 

Retail business owners make the most out of the point of sale marketing strategies because they have a huge inventory base. The point of sale software will track and analyze the product performance, which will help you spot the lowest selling products. Retailers can strategize the merchandising policy to sell the bottom-performing products.  

Tobacco Companies: 

The tobacco industry concentrates on marketing their products around the point of sale, but they have to ensure they follow the rules while selling them. 


Bigger brands can increase their visibility by collaborating with other stores and outlets to promote their products. Furthermore, a few businesses have adopted a strategy to promote their brands at the POS system and print their brand on the invoices.  For instance, Indian railways give their invoice space for other brands to promote their products, which can increase brand visibility.  

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The café owners can use the point of sale marketing strategy to recommend the products; which the guest should try. Additionally, this strategy will help; to sell your products in combos, which will increase your revenue, and the point of sale software will help; to get a repetitive business. 

Nonprofit organizations: 

Nonprofit organization work for a noble cause which needs economic support to keep the ball rolling. These organizations help the underprivileged or specially challenged people handcraft products. Additionally, they also collaborate with different businesses to display their products at their point of sale. As a result, they get the money to support the noble cause and make people’s lives better. 


Point of sale marketing does not only mean promoting the products but also make a promising proposition; to the customers. This marketing strategy will help businesses make more revenue, increase the conversion rate and sell the lowest-performing products.

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