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Maintaining and constantly improving your home is a tedious task, but still remains an important one. It is important that your home runs efficiently. You don’t want your fixtures and appliances to be wasting heat and energy. Read on to find a variety of ways you can maintain your house without having to spend a fortune.


Regularly Cleaning Refrigerator Coils

Over a period of time, dirt, dust, and grease get stuck in the coils present behind the refrigerator. This makes your appliance less efficient and can even make it dangerous. Your refrigerator uses these coils to cool down, so if they are not treated properly, the refrigerator will have to work harder to cool itself or it might even overheat.

Using a vacuum cleaner is the best way to clean these coils. All that you need to do is, unplug the refrigerator, pull it away from the wall and look for the coils. These are usually located behind a metal plate or behind the refrigerator under a grill.

You can use the brush attachment to wipe the grime away without forcing it. A cloth can be used to gently wipe anything that might have been missed by the vacuum.

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Bleed Your Radiators Each Year

Don’t leave your radiators to maintain themselves. Each winter these radiators need bleeding to run at full efficiency. Bleeding a radiator helps in getting the excess air out and allows the radiator to get warmer without consuming as much power.

In order to bleed it, you need to release the valve while holding a rag underneath to catch the drips. You should be able to hear the air seeping out. When this sound stops, you can again tighten the valve.

Keep Your Gutters In Best Possible Condition

Possibly one of the more difficult tasks that no one wants to do, but it can save you from the cost of replacing and repairing the damage that an overburdened gutter can cause. Clogged gutters overflow and break, putting a strain on the roof, resulting in unnecessary damage. In the winter, they are especially susceptible to damage. They can become filled with ice and break due to the duress of freeze-thaw weathering. You can break up the ice using special gutter cleaning tools.

Seal leaky windows and doors

Doors and windows can be vulnerable to damage from the elements, which can cause the seals around their frames to rot. If this happens, heat will slowly seep out of your home, rendering your heating useless and extremely wasteful. If you don’t want your house to be freezing, you will have to make sealing leaky windows and doors a priority.

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Cleaning your range’s hood filter

Over time, hood filters can get clogged with thick grease. In order to prevent the grease getting inside, there are filters designed to trap the grease. Cleaning it can be unpleasant but it is a necessary task. You won’t be able to just use a wet cloth either; most likely, you will need to use an agent to break down the grease.

Running water through your fixtures

When you don’t use your sinks or toilets regularly, dirt can pile up in the faucets and pipes. If you are having a bathroom that you don’t use frequently, make sure that you run water in these systems once in a while to keep the water flow smooth and reduce future clogging of grime.

Check Air Filters Monthly

If you live in an area with a hefty amount of air pollution, you need to change your air filters once a month to stay safe. Moreover, changing these filters can allow you to reduce your energy bills by 5% to 15%. Swapping these is particularly easy, as there is no cleaning involved. You just need to take the old one out, dispose of it, and slow the new one in its place.

Check your boiler for damage & proper pressure

When boilers heat up and cool down frequently, they are more prone to wear out. It is important to inspect your boiler annually to make sure it is working fine. You need to make sure that there are no cracks or holes in your boiler’s vent pipe and the chimney. Water may also start to leak, so you need to check for any leakages. Also, make sure to check whether the pressure is in the normal range or not. To make sure that your boiler works fine throughout the year, you should run it once a month, even in summers.

Improve your shower pressure

People are content to settle for lackluster shower pressure. Fixing this problem, however, could not be easier. Shower pumps can combat water pressure woes and deliver a luxury showering experience.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can make better maintain your home, effectively saving on your time as well as money.

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