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Best Android TV box of 2018: the hottest list

With modern generations of Smart TV’s arising, it is hard to desire something more. Biggest brands include all the options you could ever dream of watching on your home TV – TV-channels, movies and streams, games, all the apps of your smartphone, and finally, the smart home ecosystem to boot. However, it turns out that manufacturers find themselves in fierce competition and their native operating systems end up being far from perfect. Moreover, they often limit your choice of content, which additionally, becomes too simple and slow. So, what should you do to enjoy the whole wide world of Smart TV technology? The answer is simple. Use the Android TV box! In this article, we will explain their advantages and downfalls as well as present you a list of the newest and the best Android TV boxes for 2018!


What is the best Android TV box 2018 like?

It is just a little box with various connection cables and a remote controller. Essentially, it looks somewhat like your regular wi-fi router. While for the best Android TV box 2018 content performance, the sky’s the limit. Watch your favorite TV series in HD, play games, video-chat with friends, order essay writers cheap, write and edit documents, use your favorite apps of any kind. One distinguishing feature of any good Android TV box is that you can download apps like KODI and watch movies, streams, TV shows, sports, TV channels for free. As for other devices to connect, apart from the native remote control, you can also connect a mouse, keyboard, flash drive. So, how can you pick the best Android TV box 2018, anyway?

Typically, the best Android TV box 2018 would use your internet connection, that’s why sometimes the quality of your visual experiences would be dependant on how strong the wifi signal is. If you want to make it better, you will have to connect the Android TV box directly to the local router or internet cable.

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We have reviewed a lot of TV boxes present on today’s market in an attempt to pick the best Android TV box 2018 for you guys. Honestly, we didn’t expect to find such a variety. For instance, in the gaming world, the gaming consoles are represented by only three major brands: Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Another situation we encountered looking for the best Android TV box 2018. It appears that there are tons of brands offering such devices. Unfortunately, many of them are Chinese. We are not saying that Chinese is bad, it just so happens that many of them are of the shallow quality. Thus, the advice number 1 – when you find the cheapest “Noname” Android TV box – pass it! We can name quite a few reasons for doing so.

First of all, the quality of PCB, connections, soldering, and other details would be sad. Another con is that they rarely give you 12-month guarantee, like renowned brands, and you won’t be able to switch the device to another one in case if it doesn’t suit you. Last but not least, the software quality is usually so low that you won’t be able to enjoy your favorite videos, and in a few months, it could simply break showing errors that can’t be fixed. Middle-quality brands might be good, so if you come across something like Atlas, Beelink, Minix, Roku, Fire TV, and Western Digital – they are safe to buy. With some of the famous brands that we chose for our list of the best Android TV box 2018, the situation is different. They all grant you a free 12-month warranty and 14 days money-back guarantee. They also have an automatically upgradeable software that is easy to fix if some bugs appear.

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The best Android TV box 2018 – Let the Show Begin!

M8S Pro L

The new Android TV 7.1.2 version feels at home with this amazing 8-core chipset Amlogic S912 with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage memory. The box supports 2.4GHz/5GHz wifi connection that opens the whole universe of 4K videos and many more!

The new Android certainly makes for faster, smoother, and more stable performance compared with previous versions. More interesting apps from Google Play Market will rock your world. HD videos won’t be slowing down or turning off as many users received it, especially in the past editions of the software by Google. By the way, the full beauty of Google Assistant is here for you to help, including the option with voice control. The KODI works smoothly on M8S Pro L, and it is easy to adjust its settings. Certainly, this little box has all chances to be called the best Android TV box 2018!

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Abox A4

This excellent tv box would cost more than the average one on the market. Yet, when we tested all its functions, we were sure that Abox A4 is definitely worth the price. Working with the help of the official Android TV 7.1.2, it is a pleasure to use. Download apps from Google Play Market of any kind. If you don’t want to pay for the YouTube, Netflix, Plex, Hulu or other subscription services, you are welcomed to download KODI and watch till you drop.

The remote has an inbuilt microphone, which makes it easier to search for anything you would like to watch or play. The quad-core processor runs on 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. Yet, all the video and gaming apps that we tested were running smoothly, and we saw no difference of this device in comparison with more advanced processors of other winners of our list for the best Android TV box 2018. Even so, they don’t provide you so much support services as the typical Amazon or Xiaomi device.

Nvidia Shield TV

Nvidia TV boxes become better and better with every new generation, that is exactly the reason why they have deserved our award for the best Android TV box 2018. More features come with less size, which couldn’t get more intriguing. With the new version of the Nvidia Shield TV, you get total access to the gamer’s heaven with its own Bluetooth gaming controller. Games, HD videos, 4K streaming? Yes, please! The box runs on the native Shield OS, which adopted the official Android code.

Shh, secret! This awesome new TV box works on the same chipset as Nintendo Switch – the Tegra X1! This basically means an ultimate smoothness of 4K videos and instant games rendering on top of that. Yes, 16GB of storage might seem too little for you but hey, you can plug in that USB 3.0 flash drive an enjoy! Want more good news? Gamepad and remote both go with the kit when you buy the Nvidia Shield TV! Unfortunately, there is no voice remote control.  

Mi TV box

Mi box Android TV features one interesting new element that specifically makes it a decent candidate for being on top of the best Android TV box 2018 rating. Namely, it is the company’s native chipset, which is powered with some artificial intelligence abilities. The system learns your tastes and recommends certain content due to your preferences. On this awesome new Mi box, you can watch videos and TV, listen to music and radio, play games, and use various apps from Play Market.

Its remote has sleek and rounded form that feels so good in the hand. You can pick either black or white style to fit your home’s devices ecosystem. The box features 2GB RAM and 8GB of storage, which can be expanded thanks to a few USB ports. Even though it seems quite light as for the other TV boxes of today’s market, the 4K with 60fps runs so smoothly that you’re going to forget about everything else. Additionally, you can buy the Xiaomi Mi game Controller that works via Bluetooth for the incredible gaming experience.

Kingbox K3

This stylish little device won our hearts in today’s competition for the best Android TV box 2018! The latest Android 7.1 Marshmallow OS is what particularly makes it so fabulous. Love watching movies and TV at home? No problem because the newest KODI 17.6 comes in the package! You don’t even have to bother installing or adjusting it (what many users hate about  KODI is a confusing interface) because everything comes ready. However, this new version comes without add-ons that you will need for watching your favorite series, games, and films, so you are free to customize it however you please.

The hardware on this new Kingbox K3 is a monster! An 8-core processor Amlogic CPU speeds up to 2.0 GHz. Thus, multiple apps running all at once plus videos/games with the highest definition won’t be a problem anymore! The performance goes seamless and fast. No unpleasant surprises, no matter that this TV box has not the highest in the world 2GB RAM and 16GB of the storage drive. Just like with any other Android TV box, you can expand that all the way up to 32GB. Faster downloads and perfect resolution is also available due to the full range of wireless networks connectivity including the 5.0 GHz. HOT! In the kit, you get not only the remote control but also mini-keyboard, which is so nice of the guys at  Kingbox!

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