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Unlike the schools and college education, university education tends to be the most knowledgeable which an individual has to learn and apply in their professional career. Therefore, the higher education is specific and specialized with the more professional environment of learning and discipline.

Expenses of Universities.

Most of the students find it difficult to cope up with the expenses of the universities which were far away from the affordability of an average class student. However, many of the students end up in taking bulky student loans which are often get paid in next 20 years by the person; keeping him in debt for most of his career.

So what are the problems which lead our higher education to be that expensive and affordable for many of the students? This article tends to reflect on the problems that are there in achieving higher education and what could be their possible solutions.


The main problem of our university education which makes them too expensive is their wrong direction and their interest which are not usually related to providing education. According to a report, gives the major expenditure of a university is to the infrastructure, administration, sports team and scholarships. All these areas except scholarships did not relate directly to disperse quality education. To be more direct, our higher education universities now become a symbol of prestige, status and a lifestyle. They are not concerned with the education and opportunities of learning they are providing. This means that they are not investing in professors and students, so when the professor give any assignment to students due to no investment by the university, students have to contribute themselves and also have to search for assignment service which can’t be afforded by some students.


The solution to this problem is to somehow, eliminate the expensive environment of the university and connect the teachers and students at a place where they can exchange more utility while eliminating the unnecessary overheads, Therefore, the best place for this purpose is the digital marketplace where students can get best from the teachers in return of justified incentives excluding unnecessary overheads.

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Another problem with our higher education system is the long duration of degrees which is due to the existence of unnecessary courses. Universities tend to be the place where students get specialized knowledge which is practicable in their professional career. However, there are many general education requirements which are necessary to get the Degree. These generalized courses make the university education expensive both regarding money and time.


The only solution to this problem is to eradicate the generalized courses which make the subject less and resultant the cost and time will be saved.

Furthermore, the university education is more teachers oriented rather than being students oriented. Students are directed what to study and how to study.

However, if these options were handed over to the students and make them empowered it is believed that the student’s learning will be enhanced and much more relaxed than the bulky university learning procedure. This might also include digital learning sites like write my essay and social media platform where teachers and students can interact and form a virtual classroom.

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Conclusively, we have to make our higher education system thin and less expensive. Moreover, our universities need to focus more on providing quality and specialized education rather than investing in those aspects which make them materially worthy and attractive. However, the solutions mentioned above will only work where the students are mature enough to make wise decisions.

By Sultan Akhtar

Hello! My name is Sultan a professional writer and editor with more than 3 years of writing experience. Writing and Blogging is my hobby, Hope you like my words.

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