How Technology Brings Work Home (And Hurts Your Sleep)

One of the biggest contributors to sleep deprivation nowadays is that people sometimes tend to bring their work home with them. Many people may not even realize they are doing this, as technology makes it all too easy to check in at work from home. However, this is a big problem, because it often interferes with our sleep cycles.

Our brains tend to associate locations with specific tasks, like our beds with sleep, our homes with relaxation, our jobs with work, and so on. Blending work with home life can disrupt this process.

Working in bed could cause more stress before we sleep, which could contribute to sleep deprivation. This, in turn, could cause some people to seek other options that may not be entirely healthy or that could make the situation worse.

This guide will hopefully detail the ways in which technology brings  work home and hurts your sleep and well-being.


Why we bring our work home at times

There are many factors for why we bring our work home. Sometimes our jobs can be overwhelming, and give us too much work to finish in a timely fashion, which tempts people to catch up from home.

We might also feel like putting in extra work could help us to get ahead at our job. Some might feel like sacrificing home time for work improvement is justified, in this case. All of these seem like valid reasons on the surface, but they actually secretly do a lot of damage to our health and sleep.

Despite the apparent benefits, work should mostly stay at your job or location that you typically work in. We need a safe space at home that allows us to relax and blow off some steam. When we are not allowed such a space, we tend to feel much worse during the day.

One of the side effects of this could be not getting enough sleep at night. And sleep deprivation is one of the biggest problems in the world right now.

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Why it hurts our sleep

When we work more than we need to, we tend to end up way more exhausted than usual. When that happens, it can drastically affect our sleep cycles too. If we overwork, we might miss our scheduled bedtime, which could throw off our cycles entirely.

And it doesn’t stop there, either. When we lose out on sleep at home, this affects performance in the workplace. You can see how this could easily become a vicious cycle of exhaustion that might be difficult to stop.

What we can do to fix it

It might seem difficult to fix this problem, but it is actually much easier than you think. The first and most obvious solution would be to not bring work home, but this could be hard to do at first. You can make a schedule around your work to make sure you get things done on time.

You can also have an open discussion with your boss if it is interfering with your life to a major degree. Your boss should be understanding if their employee isn’t working as efficiently as they should, and come up with a proper solution.

If you absolutely must do work at home, you should set a limit on how much you’re willing to do outside of your workplace. You shouldn’t work too much at home, as you don’t want your sleep to be affected, just enough to be productive, but not enough to mess up your sleep cycles. Keep a sleep diary and pay attention to the circumstances that interfere with your sleep so you can create a workable schedule when bringing your duties home with you.

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Other things to know

Fixing your workflow and sleep schedule can feel futile at times, which is why you might also want to get advice from your doctor. They might be able to tell you the best way to set up your sleep schedule or to diagnose other serious problems that may contribute.

Be sure to talk with your boss about your work shifts to see if there is something that could be done.


Being in check with your sleep cycle and how your work affects this can be key in improving your overall health and well-being. When we get proper sleep at night, we tend to perform better at work and have more energy throughout the day to stay healthy and productive.

Knowing how to fix this problem is crucial to sleeping better. We should try to keep our work and relaxation separate, as having both in the same exact location can make us feel even worse throughout the day. Hopefully, this article has helped you in recognizing the problem and fixing it for better rest at night.

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