How to Hack My Girlfriend’s Instagram without Her Knowing

Relationships thrive on communication. And if one person in the relationship is compromising on that, then there must be a problem.

For instance, imagine a situation where your girlfriend sticks on her phone always. If you ask her what she is doing, she will never give you a straight answer. And when you try to snoop, you find that you cannot access her phone activities without her password.

Do not let that worry you. We have a way to hack her Instagram account without her knowing. In this article, you will learn how to use a private Instagram viewer app like Spyier.


Why snooping her phone physically does not work

People have a severe attachment to their smartphones. Therefore, because of this, they will put dense password patterns to ensure that you do not see what they are doing with it.

Besides that, as a boyfriend, your girlfriend may demand that you avoid becoming insecure. You can show insecurity by trying to snoop around the phone, which could make you feel guilty. Furthermore, if they are always near their smartphone, having a look at it cannot be very easy.

Thus, this method becomes a waste of time.

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How to hack the Instagram account

If snooping won’t give you a solution, then using an app will provide you with all the answers you need. Spy apps like Spyier do not require you to be a pro hacker; alternatively, you do not know her password. 

The app provides all the vital resources to ensure that you can log into her account without her knowledge. It will also give you access to her feed, her profile, her inbox, and her followers.

With that, then how do you install the app?

Spyier installation needs several minutes, at least five. Here is the process you will use:

  1. Create a Spyier account

The first thing is to have an email and a password. Use them to create an account from the Spyier’s website. If your girlfriend’s smartphone is an iPhone, then using her cloud ID could help you. For Android phones, you can use an email address.

2. Choose the perfect payment plan

Signing up is free. Nevertheless, you need to select a suitable payment plan. You can go for the premium plan if you want to monitor one device, or you can buy the corporate or family option. The latter method is fit for people who wish to spy on several devices.

In this case, you are only monitoring your girlfriend’s phone. Therefore, the premium plan would suffice

3. Install the app

Ask her for her phone. You can tell her that you are borrowing for five minutes. She won’t hesitate to give you. Then quickly head to the app store and download the app. Spyier app requires permissions from the smartphone; so, be sure to remove any restrictions.

Once you successfully log in, the app should run from the background. It will not raise any alarms. The app will only stop working if they format the entire device.

Before we forget, Spyier is compatible with both Android and iPhone. Therefore, you do not have to root or jailbreak it, which is the other reason why installing this app is straightforward.

4. Monitor her Instagram account remotely

You now have full access to her phone without her knowledge. Spyier allows you to set alerts every time she does anything on her phone or Instagram. Note that the dashboard is accessible on any browser, and I mean any.

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Benefits of using Spyier

Here are some of the benefits millions of users get from using this app.

  • It is reliable
  • It operates from the target device’s background
  • Registration and installation is a quick process
  • The spy app provides an installation guide


Hacking your girlfriend’s Instagram account has never been this easy. You can now view what they are doing online and offline. Other than viewing her Instagram account, you can use Spyier to see all her other phone activities, including her texts, gallery, her phone calls, and even consider her recycle bin.

The app also ensures that you can do this secretly. Imagine watching do her stuff while you watch her behind the scenes even when you are miles away. That is a dream come true for any boyfriend.

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