Let’s say that you want to get your website promoting the Lucky Club Casino up and running quickly. You want a website building program that allows you to create a user-friendly, interactive online home for people who are interested in playing casino games for free or for real money wins.

You have a couple of options You can teach yourself HTML or CSS but that usually takes weeks, if not more. You can hire a professional web design company to create your website but that’s pricey. Or, you can turn WordPress and build a site on the versatile and basic WordPress platform.

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Today over 30% of the websites online are powered by WordPress. It’s a flexible program that suits almost every type of site. There are dozens of functions and templates that include opt-in options, online shopping, contact forms, anti-spam, an SEO Pack, firewall protection and more. The interface is simple, it’s customizable and open-source and, best of all, it’s free.

Get Started

Once you’ve decided to start building your website using the WordPress platform you’ll need to buy a unique domain name and webhosting plan.  (you can always change later and move your domain to a new platform)
The domain name is a website address – luckycasino.com or any other word, name or combination that is not presently in use. You also need a hosting service that connects your site to the internet.

Domain names can registered at sites such as Bluehost, GoDaddy , HostGator and iPage. Even if someone else has chosen the exact name that you want to use you can manipulate the name by using a .info, .org, .edu or other top-level domain. Together with the domain name you will also receive a personal email account so your email and that of your company employees will reinforce your website (such as:  bobfisher@luckycasino.com).

If you already have a domain name and a server you can migrate your site to the new domain host and server.

You can install WordPress through a one-click installation process. There’s a 1-click installation process on your account control panel regardless of your hosting account:

1.     Log into your hosting account and go to your control panal
2.     Identify the “WordPress” or “website” icon
3.     Select the domain in which you intend to install your website.
4.     Click “Install Now” to access your new wordpress website.


Choose your template/theme. Look at the theme options that WordPress gives you to pick a theme that fits your site’s message. You can find the theme options at https://yoursite.com/wp-admin (replace “yoursite” with your domain) which is the “administration” area of your site (also called the “backend”) – the place that you will be able to edit your site as you wish.

You’ll be able to choose a free theme from any of the 1500 theme options – on the side bar, where you see “Appearances” click “themes” on the dropdown menu. If you don’t see what you want there you can choose a wordpress-friendly theme at ThemeForest.net (for payment).

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If scrolling through 1500 theme options seems overwhelming, find an appropriate theme by searching via a keyword search. It’s suggested that you choose a “responsive” theme so that it will be mobile-friendly. Click “Install” and then “Activate” to insert your chosen theme.

Pages and Content

Now you’re ready to add Pages and Content into your site.

The WordPress administration backend is where you do all of your editing.  The sidebar  gives you the tools to add new Pages and Posts. Posts are added under Pages and become sub-pages of the main pages. So, for instance, if you are creating your casino website, your main pages might be something like “About Us,” “Games,” “Bonuses” and  “Casino Security.”

Under each of those headings you’ll have “Posts” that expand on the Page. For instance, for the Lucky Casino website, under “Games” you might have posts that offer “Table Games,” “Card Games,” “Slot Machines,” “Variety Games,” “Lotteries,” etc.

Click “New” under the “Page” or “Post” button to add in a new page or post. As you add the content on your new Page or Post, be sure to Update it (update button is on the right-hand side of the screen) to make sure that you’re saving your updates. You can always click the “View Page” button at the top of the screen to see what your webpage will look like with your updated content.

Home Page

The first thing that your site visitors will see will be your homepage. A homepage is comparable to a storefront window – if it’s engaging, bright, visually attractive and compelling it will draw people in to see more. Many website builders suggest that you create a “Static” homepage which doesn’t change. Visitors see the same thing every time that they come to the page which makes them feel as though they’re home, in familiar settings.

On WordPress, to set up a static homepage, go to “settings” and then to “reading.” Choose the “front page” that you want to be your homepage. If you don’t make that choice WordPress will make your newest posts your homepage so it’s a good idea to make the selection  yourself so you don’t confuse your site visitors.


Plugins are extensions that you can insert into your site to expand your site’s capabilities. Through plugins you add functions and features to your site that go beyond the standard built-ins.

Install plugins in the backend by finding the Plugin Tab and clicking on the “Add New” button below the main tab. Then search for the plug-in that you want. There are over 25,000 free plugins from which to choose so you can use the keyword search feature to find the plug-in that you want.

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Once you find the plug in that you want,  click install. Some of the most useful plug-ins are the Contact Form, the Yoast SEO for WordPress (to make the site as SEO friendly as possible), and the Google Analytics plugin that will help you track your analytics.

Don’t forget that a website needs to show that “things are happening. Try not to make frequent drastic changes because that can throw your loyal site visitors.  However, it’s a good idea to keep things current with updated blog posts, new images and videos and other updates that you post on a regular basis.


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