Get More Instagram on Comments with these 6 Smart Tips!

If you use Instagram frequently, you might have noticed that some posts in your newsfeed were shared a few minutes ago while others are a few days old. This means the Instagram feed isn’t chronologically arranged anymore. In other words, the posts with higher engagement in the form of Insta comments, likes, and views appear high in the newsfeed. Thus, the engagement rate of your posts decides how much Instagram comments you get. This entails posting regularly on Instagram is not enough; you need to find ways to make your audience interact via likes and comments. Here, we are going to tell you six smart ways to get more Instagram on comments-


How To Get Comments On Instagram

Host A Contest Or Giveaway

If you are struggling to get Instagram on comments, hosting a contest or giveaway is a fun and easy way to make people comment on your post. You can post the contest on Instagram and ask the users to leave a comment under the post to take part in it.

Including phrases like ‘Tag to Win’ or ‘Comment to Win’ will encourage them to write a meaningful comment for your post. Another way to host a contest is to incorporate the user-generated content and ask your followers to post their own photos or tag your brand in the post.

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Post Something Provocative, Interesting, Funny Or Surprising

Some of the most viral Internet content pieces are the ones that trigger emotions. Posts that show anticipation, provoke excitement or curiosity or surprise the viewer are likely to get the most engagement. Also, the content that incites the feelings of joy, or make the audience feel the emotions compel them to comment on it.

So, you can think about posting a happy moment, a surprising fact, or an industry trend. It needs to be about your brand always; anything that is enjoyable for your fans will attract more Instagram comments.

Tag Brands, Locations Or People

This is as simple as it gets! You tag your followers, brands, or other accounts; they’ll be notified of you. This way, it becomes easier to gain other users’ attention and pops up your content in different places. 

Further, by tagging the location, you can help the people in your area to find you. It’s even more crucial to tag a location if you are running a small business. 

Also, you can tag the users in your photo or video rather than in a caption. It will become easier for them to know that they have been tagged, especially if they have a lot of followers.

Use Hashtags: 

When you post anything with a relevant hashtag or popular hashtags, your post will automatically appear in popular searches. Moreover, posts with at least one popular hashtag will increase the engagement rate to over 12%.  This way, interested and influencers might comment organically when they will look that your topics are interested.  Moreover, you can ask your followers everything in a hashtag like #sundayfunday, #happymemories, and more.

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Post something funny like Memes

Memes go viral, and people love tagging their network under them. You can share a meme appropriate to your brand. Besides, who doesn’t love to laugh? 

While you can borrow the memes from the other pages, there are plenty of free meme producing apps you can use. These visuals can bring a lot of engagement and help you get comments on Instagram posts. 

Moreover, emotions that give a feeling of joy, cruising, and also provoke uncertainty are the most common ones. 

You Can Buy Instagram Comments

If you are new to Insta and want to boost your visibility, you can buy Instagram comments. It is key to attract a great deal of targeted real users to your profile. Moreover, liking a post takes a click, but commenting on a post requires time and shows a great connection.

Thus, if you represent your online business as a reliable one, increase website visits, drive more sales, or attract more likes and comments, buying Instagram comments is the way to go.

Ask Questions And Comment Back

Instagram is a social media platform where it is hard to reach the character limit. Your caption can be 2,200 characters long! You can share stories, ask questions, spark some controversy, or call to action.  Be more engaging with the followers, interact with them, ask questions, and more. 

Just remember that the question and the story you are sharing needs to be compelling enough to encourage the users to comment. Also, don’t forget to comment back.

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These are some of the easy ways you can implement to get more Instagram comments. They are easy to execute and won’t take much of your time. Once you start getting the comments, you can analyze which technique has provided you with the best responses.

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