You might have probably come across the particular acronym ‘PDF’ when searching the web or while downloading files which are usually in ‘PDF’ file format. It’s natural to ponder exactly what that acronym signifies. For me personally, I’m inquisitive about each and every acronym that I found in this chronological age of escalating ‘Jargonization.’ Shortened forms are great because they save a lot of the time, that might be spent in saying that whole expression. However, they also imprecise the underlying notion or significance.

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Exactly What Does PDF Signify in Computer Terms?

Let’s explore exactly what Pdf file stands for and the way it came into daily existence. Alright, let me bust the suspense. The particular acronym PDF means ‘Portable Document Format.’ This particular long kind of acronym still does not tell you a whole lot. However, it can provide you with a rough understanding of exactly what we are discussing. A very important factor that you can certainly understand easily is that it is a ‘Document Format.’ In computer terms, a document is any sort of data file that consists of information in textual and image form.

Therefore, Pdf file means a form of a document, that is portable. They are usually saved with the file format ‘.PDF’, just like MS word files are saved with the file format ‘.doc.’This Pdf file format was developed by Adobe systems in ’93. Launched first as a little-known format, it became an open standard format in 2009. OpenX PS is usually a document extendable, just like PDF in features, developed by Microsoft company. DjVu is actually fast exchanging PDF like a scanned file format because it squeezes data files to a greater level while providing good quality material. A totally free open source, that you can use to edit Pdf file is PDFedit,or if you want to unlock any pdf format, then sodapdf is no different here as well.

 Portability of PDF Files

Next concernwhich will come to the mind is exactly what does it mean by a ‘portable’ file. The particular portability notion encapsulates the key reason why PDF files came into daily existence and also clarifies their unusual built-in features. In the era before the birth of PDF files, various kinds of document types could possibly be read just with their particular reader software applications. A person could not study a file sent by someone unless of course, one had the appropriate exclusive software program.

Exactly What Does PDF Stand for when it comes to Features?

Now that we’ve gotten across the anticipation of exactly what Pdf file means in computer terminology let’s find what it really means when it comes to features and the way this makes it happen of being a third-party format. To put it briefly, there are some features of the Pdf file document which make it portable and thus well-liked by users; the one is security, yes you can set a password for your pdf file, you can secure it to keep it from being stolen or corrupted. There are many tools out there through which you can easily convert a pdf format into an image or a word doc or in a rich text file.

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Diksha Yadav is software developer with 4+ year experience in .NET and C#. She is senior developer and team leader in MNC and part-time blogger. She has enjoyed numerous assignments with the Company including automotive testing.

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