Are you a parenting a teenager and have problems dealing with mood-swings and tantrums your teen is throwing your way? Are you looking for the solutions of teenage behavior problems?

We know, at this stage it is challenging for you to deal with your child. But, you need to understand that teenage is a crucial stage where people goes through hormonal changes and because their brain is also developing, their emotions are also heightened.

Parents usually forget that their kid is dealing with a lot more than he is willing to show on the outside. As tiring as it is for you, it can be difficult for them too. Well, as parents, we understand your state of mind, but you should understand your child’s as well.

Here are some of the behavior problems that you might be facing with your child and how you can deal with them.

Increased Use of Social Media

As the phone has become a necessity nowadays, they can have an ill effect on your child as well. Using a Smartphone and be socially active is not a bad thing but becoming an addictive of the phone is.

Teenagers use social media all the time, and it can be quite dangerous as it opens the door for many strangers.

How to deal with it – Taking away the phone and restricting him from having any social media account can have a reverse effect. But, you should be strict as to why they use a phone and monitor all their activities. Keep a tab on their browsing history and who they are texting or talking to.

Talk to them about their interests, so you can know what they are surfing the internet for.

Indulgence in Sex, Drugs, and Alcohols

It is quite normal for teenagers to indulge in activities like sex, drug, and alcohols. There can be many reasons for why your child is sexually active and is consuming drugs, but the main ones can be peer pressure and abusive or non-understanding parents.

How to deal with it – The most effective way to deal with this problem is by talking to your child. Talk to him as a friend and explain why he shouldn’t indulge in sex, drugs, and alcohols at an early age. Don’t accuse him but try talking about the disadvantages of these things. You can seek professional help as well.

Aggressive Nature

Your child may get angry with you at times and not talk to you about his feelings. They tend to answer back, and parents take this as a sign of insult. If you do not deal with it early, it can also lead to violence.

How to deal with it – The solution to deal with this teenage behavior problem is by talking to your child and encouraging him to speak what is on his mind. Be calm with him and find ways for him on how he can channelize his anger. If you shout at them, there is a good chance they can become violent.

Hiding Things and Lying About Them

It is a problem most parents are facing nowadays. It can be heart-breaking when your child, who used to tell you everything, suddenly starts hiding things from you. This can be due to many reasons. Like they are afraid of being judged or get punished. This problem needs to be handled at an early stage.

How to deal with it – Tell your child the importance of honesty. Keep an open mind so that they can share anything and everything with you. Don’t judge them otherwise next time they will hesitate to share something with you. Help them in making their own decisions but don’t make their decisions yourself.

Distancing Themselves from Family and Spending More Time with Friends

At this stage, children tend to distance them from parents and start hanging out with friends. Because parents judge their kid unknowingly, they start to gravitate towards their friends who wouldn’t judge them. Also, they want to fit in the society which is okay due to the teenage behavior.

How to deal with it – Try spending time with their friends as well. Let them know you approve of their choices so they can be more open up with you. Show them your love and tell them you want to be a part of their life. Keep a close eye on their behavior and talk to them openly.

Mood Swings and Tantrums

At this stage, your child can have frequent mood swings. He can be happy one minute and grouchy the other minute. This can be due to the changing hormones, but it can be a sign of depression too.

 How to deal with it – Patience is the key to deal with mood swings. Try to listen to them. They want you to understand them. Otherwise, they can take this in a wrong way. Be with them is all what they need.

Observe your child keenly whether he is showing any other sign of depression or not.[td_smart_list_end]

Hope these tips can be helpful for you in teenage behavior management. Lastly, they just need your love, care and affection. They need a little appreciation on small things which will help them a lot in their life.



By Diksha Yadav

Diksha Yadav is software developer with 4+ year experience in .NET and C#. She is senior developer and team leader in MNC and part-time blogger. She has enjoyed numerous assignments with the Company including automotive testing.

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