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September 6, 2018: In Yorktown, Detroit’s oldest district, it is dawn. Darren Palmer opens the Medium website and writes. Make your first post, relay and press publish. It seems like an ordinary day of a digital influencer. Just not. Because in this script there is nothing trivial. First, the protagonist: Palmer is the director of product development for Ford’s most important task force. Second, the (virtual) stage: if you write in Medium (journalism platform and blog founded by Evan Williams, former president of Twitter), the whole world reads. But you’ve actually chosen to talk to Silicon Valley hipsters obsessed with Tesla and blockchain. Third, the content: Darren published that day a sketch of a car with the unmistakable rear of the Ford Mustang SUV. But it’s loud, dammit! Very high. Like an SUV. Electric, informs the legend.

Since that post, (official) news has rolled the world: Ford develops a new zero-emission model with a look very similar to that of its most iconic car. But in spite of the affinity in the lines, the volumes could not be more different: the new car, destined to become strategic and philosophical banner of Ford of the future, will be an SUV-coupe. Type a Tesla Model X or a BMW X6, but with much more balance between sportiness and performance. A crucial experience for the brand in one of the most delicate phases of its history.

To create new formulas, the brand founded a new department, with carte blanche to operate with less rigid protocols than other branches of the company. It’s called Team Edison: a handful of experts like the one who created the Ford GT 2016 or those who forged the Alfa Romeo Giulia and the Stelvio in a warehouse in Modena. Here, with the Americans, the base of operations is a beautiful open space, all glass, and brick in Yorktown, which was an abandoned factory. The motto? “Move fast, come together” (move fast, get along). In practice: act like a startup.

But what is beyond the rhetoric of innovation, often empty? Something very concrete. Because when Ford CEO Jim Hackett found the first “banal” design proposal, the team revolutionized it. “It also made us change the multimedia system: some resisted, but in the end, the bold approach prevailed and we have a huge screen, which, after the Mustang crossover, will be adopted by the entire Ford generation.”


I have to write about this car: 1967 Ford Mustang!

Guys, I do not know how to use Blogger’s features very well, so, do you remember when I learned how to do posts with images? It was a “post-test” with a photo of a 1967 Ford Mustang (not the same photo as this post). But he was on the list of the most read posts, and had no useful information on him, just said a few things (I can not even remember what it was), and I put the photo, which, by the way, is a poorly made montage, apparently the car is moving at a high speed, and there is no one inside the car! (Rsrs). For the safety of your car from outside use car covers.

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So this is a true post about the 1967 Ford Mustang!

This wonderful car uses a large 6.4L V8 engine, which generates 325hp. Nowadays, an engine of this size is much more powerful, but in 1967 it did not have all the technology today to use in the engines, right? Ultra-modern engines like the Mercedes-Benz V8 of Formula 1 generate about 750hp having the only 2.4L, and it looks like they are not even turbocharged. But these Formula One engines will never run on streetcars, not even super sports cars, which have larger engines and do not generate as much power, so do not call this Mustang weak 6.4L! There were also other more “basic” engines for this car, which were smaller, sometimes had fewer cylinders, and yielded from 200hp to 275hp.

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Movie star:

Do you know that “60 Seconds” movie? If it does not remember the name, it is a film in which the character of Nicolas Cage pilots Eleanor, name by which he called one of these Mustang’s (stolen), high-speed through the streets, fleeing the police, until a scene arrives (children, not do it at home, incidentally, adults do not either – Rsrs – it’s impossible, movie thing really) in which he finds himself stuck in a traffic jam, so the character of Nicolas, realizes that there is a tow truck preparing to load a car, and with the ramp down (where the other car would go), and empty, he steps on the accelerator, and the main police officer who chased him does not believe what he’s about to see … Eleanor is speeding on the ramp of the winch and jump all the cars of the traffic jam! Back on the floor, Eleanor gets hurt a little, But why am I saying this? It’s that it was not any Mustang, and it’s not the Eleanor name that made it special (Rs), it turns out that that is not the 1967 Mustang, but the Shelby GT-500. If a Mustang 67 did not guarantee enough excitement for a muscle-car lover, Carroll Shelby could always do something about it. Carroll was a great car preparer, and also a great driver. He won races in various parts of the world, driving super sports. Do you know a fast, convertible, old sports car called Cobra? Yes, the Shelby Cobra. So! It’s Carroll’s creation.

For those who found the Mustang 67 weak with its 325 hips, Shelby created the Shelby GT-500 (it was not the only Mustang he had prepared). With Mustang body (it had small changes, such as grille, wider lanterns, and a subtle change in headlights), but Shelby’s soul, this machine had a great 7.0L engine that generated impressive (at that time) 395cv! On the shield of the car, get out of the Mustang’s horse, and enter Shelby’s snake (but that was positioned on the side of the railing, not in the center like the horse). Carroll made other cars, made preparations on other models of Ford, and I think he’s still alive, well advanced (Rs), but alive, because there are still models of new cars out there that carry the name, Shelby, like the Super Snake, which in its most “simple” version comes with an engine that yields nothing less than 600hp! Carroll’s personal use model generates “only” about 800cv (Rs).

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