If your lead-generation strategy is not working, there should be something you are not doing right. Could it be that you have failed to keep up with the latest lead-generation tactics? If you are up to date, it could be possible that you are using low-impact strategies when you could use far more effective ones.

It is important to point out that lead generation has evolved over the years. Currently, the aim is to capture the attention of the self-directed buyer who wields all the power. You do not find the buyer—the buyer finds you.

Therefore, the sole focus of an eCommerce company should be to be found. No one golden nugget can guarantee you this. The secret is to harness the cumulative effect of the best tactics out there. Here are the best-proven tactics that you can use to great effect.

Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Whether that traffic alone will translate into enough clients to sustain and grow your business is highly debatable. What you need is a strategy that will drive as much traffic to your website as possible.

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If statistics are anything to go by, search engines still account for the vast majority of web traffic, making SEO arguably the most powerful lead-generation tool. Therefore, investing in SEO should be a top priority for your business.

SEO has a few facets but focuses on improving visibility in search. Invest in high-quality, search engine friendly content that will catapult your web ranking and ensure that your products or website will be among the top in search results. Additionally, investing in an EV SSL Certificate will help boost your SEO efforts.

Request Visitors Email Information

Every eCommerce company should aim at building a long-term relationship with its clients, and the best way to do this is by requesting their contact information. This tactic works in tandem with SEO as you need to attract visitors to your website to do this.

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As you will find out, it is quite difficult to implement this tactic. Not many people like sharing their contact information just like that. Therefore, getting people to sign up will call for more than just providing a signup form. Be prepared to do whatever it takes. One effective way to get around this problem is by offering incentives. It could take the form of offering your new clients great deals like free shipping or a discount on their first buy.

Use “Tell a Friend” Tactic

The “tell a friend” marketing strategy may be age-old, but its potency has never waned. If tapped properly, it can be like a wildfire which starts at one point and spread in all direction in no time.

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The first line of action is to give an unforgettable customer experience. It could be fast delivery, or a follow-up call to confirm whether everything is in order. Don’t stop there. Motivate your customers to do it by offering incentives for every referral.

Spruce up Your Home Page

There is a grain of truth in the saying that there is no second chance to make a first impression.

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For an eCommerce website, the home page is everything. Make sure that your clients can navigate easily through it and locate pages/areas of interest with minimal fuss. Lay out your products in an impressive array and provide as much information as possible them. Optimize the buying process to reduce cases of abandoned carts. Finally, highlight the calls to action in a way that will capture the attention of your visitors.

Use Toll-Free Number

There is a misconception that toll-free numbers are outdated and no one uses them any longer. Far from it, there is good evidence that suggests serving your client with a toll-free number is a good sign of commitment and can generate leads.

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However, if abused, it can be disastrous. If you plan to display it on your website, ensure that customers who dial it get a quick and useful response from your end. There is no point displaying it just for the sake of it. If anything, it will drive potential clients away.

Use Pop-Up

Using pop-ups can be viewed as aggressive, but nothing should stop you from experimenting with them. For effectiveness, make them simple. They can be another effective way of collecting visitors’ contact information.

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You can also utilize pop-ups to collect specific customer information that will help you segment them for improved service. Finally, you can direct your visitors to your social media pages via pop-ups for likes or follows.

Use Behavioral Targeting

It is a great thing to have many people visiting your website, but the bigger picture should always be to convert those visitors into leads. How do you foster their further engagement with your website and turn them into your customers?

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Use a behavior targeting tool.

Behavior targeting software keeps tabs on user browsing patterns. This data can be used to target previous visitors to your website with personalized advertisements. The aim is to stimulate their interest in your products and possibly cause them to revisit you your website for purchase.


These 7 lead generation tactics have been put to good use before, and there is no reason why they should not work for you. Try not to overlook any even though some will be more effective than others. If possible, take a multi-dimensional approach and focus on turning each one of them into a vital cog in your lead generation wheel.

It is worth mentioning that it will be too ambitious to expect immediate results. As with all good things, lead generation takes time. That should not take anything from the work. In due time, every effort you put in will be handsomely rewarded. Plan, strategize and execute your tactics in a consistent and tenacious manner with your eyes set on the end results.


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