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There is so much exaggeration all around that a lot of money can be made from affiliate marketing. Or one can set up a site for making money using affiliate marketing. Or one could have spent some money to buy a domain, employ a web designer for services, paid hosting but at the end you will find out that you haven’t made enough money that could cover your capital.

The problem could be that you haven’t tried for the correct affiliate program. You can make money from the affiliate marketing program of Amazon. Amazon affiliate marketing is also called the Amazon Associate program. Before going further about how money could be made from Amazon marketing program, let’s take a brief look over its history.

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What is Amazon associate program?

Amazon associates are one of the initial affiliate programs to be launched in 1996. This program has a track record of more than 12 years in the field of solution developments for the website sellers, developers and owners at the Amazon and makes money by advertising a lot of new and used products from the amazon.com along with its subsidiaries like Endless.com and SmallParts.com.

Website owners and the bloggers are the associates which create links for the customers to enable them to click over it and earn money. The affiliate program of Amazon is absolutely free to join and is quite easy to use.


Even a 10% of the referral fees can be earned if you attract customers with a customer of buying the product through the referral link over your trusted site and when the purchase is made by them, you will get your commission.

Another good side is that you can get a referral fee of 15% if you promote products like electronic gadgets. All you need to do is to write a review of the gadget and provide a marketing link for Amazon affiliate. The one who clicks over the link and buys an item will automatically make you earn the commission.

Your geographical location also determines the target market. Like if you are in India, you will automatically sign up with Amazon affiliate India.

You can learn to make money by joining affiliate marketing program at www.admindia.org.

How to make money from Amazon Affiliate Marketing

There are a few things to consider if you are serious in making money from the Amazon affiliate marketing. Let us take a look over some odds in the Amazon Affiliate program and how the sales can be increased after the money is earned:

  • Learn basic HTML if you are unaware of it: it is important to learn basic HTML as this could reduce your cost and also one will be able to know how the text can be formatted, how hyperlinks can be created or how images can be inserted.
  • Choose the topic: as a lot of product recommendations and reviews are to be done by you, you need to pick a topic for which you are passionate about and about which you have knowledge at a wider scale. If you do not have a passion for a topic, you will definitely lose your interest and thus it is important to choose a topic of your interest.
  • Pick up a domain: you must be clever in the game of keywords. Take time and think about how people could reach your website. Add a suitable name for which people can search for in search engines.
  • Set a website hosting: most of the mistakes are made in this part. One should not spend beyond 10$ monthly for web hosting. There are a few companies which may charge just 4$. This means that more than one site can be run using the same package.
  • Installing blog software: this will give your site a structure which makes it easy for you to post a new content. You can opt for WordPress as it is easy to use and install. This is a very powerful open source program. Download it and follow the same instructions.
  • Make it attractive: this is the thing for which WordPress stands out of the crowd. There are a number of templates which could give your site the best look.

Set up the categories: if you can set categories on the blogging software, organize the entries. Visitors may use it to narrow the search on the basis of their interests.

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