Selecting a good fridge takes a lot of knowledge and understanding about the product and especially some essential factors should be considered while making a decision. There are several fridge brands in Australia and you need to select one which suits you in every way.

  • Energy Rating

Never forget to look at the energy stars on the refrigerators, both residential and commercial fridges in Brisbane has energy stars displayed on them. More number of stars indicates more energy savings!

  • Size

Remember, to give emphasis on the size of your refrigerator. Choose one which is suitable for your needs. That is to say, if a small or medium size fridge would do for your home or office, don’t go for the large piece just wasting greater electricity and ultimately, money.

  • Consumption

The fridge labels contain of energy consumption numbers that tells you about the average energy consumption in kilowatt/hr for one year. This way you can compare different models and choose one which has the lowest energy consumption number labelled.

  • Location

This is an important factor to consider. Once you purchase a fridge, you need to decide the right place to keep it. How this relates to energy efficiency? If you keep it in way of a heat source such as oven, direct sunlight or your dishwasher, it requires working harder to keep cool. You need to keep a gap of 5-8cm around the refrigerator to ensure it gets sufficient air circulation or else the running costs might go higher up to 15%.

  • Style

Yes, the style of fridge you choose also affects the energy efficiency factor. It is proven that French style doors save higher energy as you can easily open one door at a time, restricting excess cold air to escape. Top-mount fridges consume 10-15% less energy as compared side-by-side fridges of equal size.

  • Door seals

If your fridge door is left open for a while, even if accidentally, it results in cold air escape which leads to over-working in maintaining temperature. You can find a good fridge from brands that have self-closing mechanisms helping doors stay sealed preventing excess energy consumption.

  • Drink Access

When you have a drink access outside the fridge door, you get direct access to water without opening the door. This saves lot of energy as minimum cold air escapes from the refrigerator.

  • Features

Take notice of every feature of the chosen fridge, be it domestic or commercial fridge in Deception Bay . There are some energy-efficient fridges that provide holiday mode and some other with eco-friendly features of temperature regulating technology.

  • Ice and Water Dispensers

This feature of ice and water dispensers helps reducing the need to open the fridge door. This feature ultimately supports energy saving by almost 14-20%.

Once you follow these points while purchasing a fridge, you will definitely end up having one of the most energy-efficient fridges. Just be smart enough to choose what suits your purpose best.

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