How Does Computerized Valet Parking Systems Work

In today’s technology, almost everything is possible, from computerize healthcare, education, and businesses systems. The innovation of technology makes things easier for every professional to give different types of services to their customers.

One of the services that have been taken over by technology is computerized valet parking systems. This kind of valet parking service is coming to hospitals, casinos, and hotels, wherein they provide great valet services to their respective customers. With a computerized valet parking system, more services will be provided for the customers. To fully understand how a computerized valet parking system works, the information below will give you a clear idea.

Understanding How A Computerized Valet Parking System Works

Online reservation

It’s good news to receive tons of customers daily; the problem arises when there are not enough spots for everyone to park. This can lead to other customers going to a different business establishment which offers good parking options. With a computerized valet parking system, your customers can quickly reserve a parking space online. In this way, once they arrive at your place, there’ll already be a parking space reserved explicitly for them.


How online reservation works

The online reservation of a computerized valet parking system is easy to use. You can access them through SMS messaging, dial-up modules, and kiosks. The convenience that this offers is perfect for customers who own a vehicle. Once you’ve accessed the reservation system, you’ll be redirected to a screen where you can make a reservation or cancel it. You can start making a reservation, and a barcode will be printed automatically.

Why online reservation

Choosing an online reservation is convenient because you don’t have to worry about any parking spaces once you get to the parking lot. Of course, the parking attendant no longer needs to exert too much effort and time to know what their customer wants. Both the customer and the business will both benefit from this.

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The reservation system for a computerized valet parking system is perfect for parking lots with high-volume customers, including hotels and airports. This means that travelers no longer have to waste any precious time to look for a parking space, which can even cause them to be late for their flights.

Provides proper documentation for the business

Another good thing about having a computerized valet parking system is that there will be proper documentation of every vehicle that will enter and exit the parking space. The documentation will include a photo of your vehicle, ticket number, time, and the date. This information can all be used as evidence in case a customer needs to prove a claim.

How Does Computerized Valet Parking Systems Work

Of course, the business can also benefit from this when a customer starts making false claims. Your business will be able to save tons of money from any possible legal responsibilities. Unlike with the traditional valet parking systems, there won’t be much proof on both the customer and the business. This can cause for both of you to lose money and valuable time.

Lets customers track and monitor their vehicles

Once the customer parks his car, he can easily track and monitor it using his smartphone. This is one of the conveniences that customers can experience when a business establishment they’re visiting is using a computerized valet parking system. A customer can even pay for his parking fee using his mobile and request for his car when it’s time for him to leave.

Benefits Of Using A Computerized Valet Parking System For Businesses

Increased number of customers

As mentioned above, more customers will prefer going to your business establishment because parking space won’t be a problem anymore. Customers hate it when they find it difficult to find a parking space for their vehicles.

Safer for everyone

Customers will stay longer at your establishment if they know that their vehicle is safely parked in your property. They don’t have to worry about anything, and in turn, they’ll feel more relaxed in your business establishment.

Elevate your business’ status

Having a computerized valet parking system will also attract a specific clientele. Your business will appear more attractive to them since valet parking is associated with sophistication and wealth. An aura of elegance will surely exude your business.

Having a computerized valet parking system won’t only be good for the customers but as well as with your overall business. This means that this service is a good investment that will attract more customers.

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