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The paper logbook was invented by J.J Keller and it has many additional add-ons. It is a compliance management book which handles everything like logs, preventative maintenance, driver’s qualification and many other functions. It helps fleets to manage the complex state and federal regulatory requirement. In order to have instant accessibility whenever organizations need so all data are stored in the cloud.


  • It provides compliance and engine data so that the management can use the information for making improvements on operations and safety.
  • In order to reduce the speeding and idle time, improvements on operations are made so that there is automation of record keeping and reporting is done automatically.
  • Anyone who uses JJ Keller logs system is able to get compliance with great tools that come along with them.
  • The look of the device is very similar to a black box which is plugged into the truck’s diagnostic port.
  • There is no contract as you need to pay when you use it and there is a part which is for compliance management so it is able to automate with electronic logging so when it is used, then it is assumed that you are on the right side of the DOT requirement.


If you go through the JJ Keller e logs reviews, you will come to know that there are a whole lot of benefits of using it. Some of those benefits are mentioned here:

  • When you use this device, you will be able to maximize your strength and hence you will have the capability to address all the risks before they become a liability.
  • JJ Keller e-logs are highly adaptable and so it is very easy to implement solutions regardless of the size of the fleet. Thus, it also helps in improving performance management, fleet profitability, and regulatory compliance.
  • One more benefit of using it is that it offers a fully mixed view of performance and compliance. It focuses mainly on helping the fleets to improve their compliance and along with that safety is also ensured.
  • It could be used with all types of vehicles as it has compatibility with all classes of the vehicle which allows management of mixed fleets. Thus, it is able to manage compliance with or without any other electronic logging device or even with electronic onboard recorder hardware.

Conclusion Of JJ Keller

After going through the JJ Keller e logs reviews it could be concluded that it is a complete organizational, safe and compliance system which is available for training you for more interaction. Apart from that it also provides an oversight from the state and federal governments which is a very vital component. The system standardizes the functions of the logs that very critical and important for your business. This is done keeping in mind the editions that you have chosen. Some of the functions are driver qualification, licensing, hiring and so on. The driver performance is also tracked by using these logs and along with that maintenance is also one of the vital function which helps you in the long run.

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