Why should Parents Know about Current Essay writing Tips

Parental help with homework assignments is good for children. Research shows that help improves academic performance. But, the worst thing can be leading a child in the wrong direction. If parents are to give appropriate help to their children on essay writing, they need to know about the current essay writing tips. This way, they help the children to write good essays. 


Essay writing

Teachers often assign students essays as part of homework. Writing these essays is not easy. It requires creativity, time, and effort. But, students must write good essays to achieve the desired grades. One way out is writing an essay as per the current requirements. 

By current requirements we mean, essays with the following elements.

  • Right topic

A right topic is a topic a student is interested in. Such a topic makes it easy to write a quality paper. Students should always choose the topic wisely.

  • Research

Before writing on the topic, it is important to research on it. This means finding credible sources to have a wider understanding.

  • Structured thoughts

Creating an essay outline is important. It helps in writing a well-organized essay. Diagrams can also be useful in structuring the essay. 

  • Thesis statement

Every essay should have a thesis statement. It summarizes the essay argument. It should be clear and narrow. 

  • Proper use of vocabularies

Not every vocabulary expresses what a writer wants to express. So, it is important to choose the most appropriate. This way you communicate clearly. 

  • Structured essay

The essay should have a good structure. It should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. The length of each paragraph depends on the length of the essay. 

  • Structured paragraphs

Every paragraph should have; a topic sentence, supporting sentences, evidence, and a concluding sentence. The last paragraph which is the conclusion should also be properly written. 

  • Perfection 

Before submitting the essay, everything should be perfect. By everything, we mean essay tone, grammar, spelling, and sentence structuring. Reading and re-reading help in writing a perfect essay. 

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Parent’s role in children learning

Writing a good essay may not be easy for children. Although they have learned about essay writing in school, they may still need help. This is where the role of a parent comes in. A child may be good in choosing a topic but poor is structuring an essay. A parent can guide the child on how to do the structuring. As a result, the student produces a good essay. So, parents have a role to play in helping their children with homework. 

Studies show that parents’ role is important to student success. According to research, parent support at home leads to academic success for children. So, involving them in children learning makes a difference in children learning. While every child has unlimited potential in learning, various factor can determine if they reach this potential. One of these factors is the role of parents. If a parent plays their role, a child is more likely to reach the potential. As experts say, involving parents is important for a child to perform well in school. 

It is clear that helping children with their homework is beneficial. Parents should help with homework for various reasons. These include:

  • Parents interact with kids more

Parents have more time with kids than teachers. So, parents have more opportunities to help children with learning. Such opportunities can help identify the weaknesses and strengths of the child. Parents also get to discover the interests of their children. 

  • To improve academic performance

As stated, involving parents in learning improves a kid’s performance in school. By helping children with homework, parents increase motivation, and self-confidence of their children. This is associated with improved physical and mental health. 

  • Creating a love of learning

Parental involvement in children learning creates a love of learning. It encourages children to want to explore new experiences. This element is witnessed throughout the schooling period. As a result, they become more intelligent. 

  • To help overcome learning barriers

Sometimes, children can suffer writer’s block. Other obstacles can also prevent them from starting homework. But, with the parents’ help, such obstacles can be removed. Parents can help children concentrate on learning and avoid distractions. 

  • To decide if the knowledge is appropriate

By helping children with homework, parents can determine if the knowledge is appropriate. Sometimes parents have disagreed with the content their children are exposed to. Through involvement, parents can decide if to school their children in that school or consider other options. 

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Why should Parents Know about Current Essay writing Tips

It is clear that parents’ help with homework is beneficial. But, how can this help be beneficial when parents don’t know about current essay writing? Education continues to evolve as time changes. This means how our parents wrote essays is not how it is done today. So, parents need to know about the current essay writing tips. This way, they are able to help their children appropriately.

 Imagine what would happen if a parent helps his or her child to write an essay wrongly? 

Several things would happen. First, the child would definitely perform poorly in that assignment. This would have a negative impact on the general grade. Second, the child would no longer have confidence in the parent. Third, the child may lose interest in learning. Nobody wants to affect children in such ways. We all want children to perform better in school. 

So, parents should take the time to learn about the current essay writing tips. This will equip them with the right skills for writing a good essay. This way, they can be sure that they are giving the right help to their children. This is the only way children can produce a high-quality essay. 

However, parents should not complete the assignments for their kids. The role of a parent is to guide the child on how to complete the essay. The parent should not write the essay for the child. After knowing the current essay writing tips, parents should just help the children to understand the concepts. Excess help can hinder children from knowing their role in doing homework. 

Even when parents think that children have excess work, they should never do the assignments for them. It is very important that every child does the homework themselves. The role of a parent is to offer help not answers. 

Is your child struggling with essay writing? Don’t worsen the problem by writing the essay for them! Allow them to write the essay to help their teacher know if they understood what they learned. 

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