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Language is essential for communication. Correct use of language is necessary to exchange our ideas, thoughts, and feelings effectively and efficiently. Many countries have their own native languages like in France, Germany and Italy people prefer to speak French, German and Italian respectively.

English is known as the language of business and trade around the globe. Thus, if we choose to work in MNCs, which are the major source of employment, then we need to write and speak English eloquently. So we need to write without any grammatical mistakes such as punctuations, spellings, rules, and sentence fragments.

But a few people face some hurdles while learning the English language as it isn’t their mother tongue. So, how can we survive this? To avoid blunders, there are free and paid software available that automatically corrects our grammatical errors.

Thus, here are the top three online grammar checkers such as Grammarly, Ginger, and ProWriting aid. These grammar checkers can serve as your mentor. Grammar checker software improves our writing by highlighting our mistakes and provides us with explanations and suggestions. This software automatically analyzes our writing.



Grammarly is the most admired and widely used software.  It helps us in rectifying our business documents, reports, articles, and posts for web and social networking sites. Another valuable feature of Grammarly is that it detects plagiarism. Grammarly is a powerful tool that improves style inconsistencies by fixing grammatical errors like spelling, idiomatic expressions, and punctuation.

We can easily avail of both the services, free grammar checker, and paid. It can benefit us in learning English grammar rules as we can learn from our mistakes. Besides this, it offers us a list of similar words, a useful way to improve our writing skills and vocabulary.

Grammarly software was introduced in July 2009 by the developer Grammarly Inc. It is a great source of proofreading which can check almost 250 grammar rules. It is available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. Moreover, the application is also available for iOS and Android operating system. You can try the premium version of Grammarly at $ 29 for a month.


Like Grammarly, Ginger software also helps us in rectifying our grammatical errors. It recognizes errors and also makes crucial suggestions to make our content meaningful. Besides this, it has an additional feature through which users can rephrase their sentences to avoid repetitive words. The remarkable feature that stands out Ginger from other software is that it can easily translate into 40 languages. But, Ginger doesn’t have the option to check the plagiarism.

Ginger was developed by an Israeli start-up in 2007 with an aim to develop language enhancement technology. It supports Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. Besides, there are applications for Androids and iOS operating systems for smartphones. If you want to use premium Ginger software, you can subscribe the $29.96 per monthly pack.

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Difference between Ginger and Grammarly

Grammarly and Ginger are almost similar functioning tools for grammar checker but different in their rates. Additionally, Ginger is considered better as it contains lessons on English grammar. However, Grammarly is mostly used by people due to its all in one solution.

ProWriting aid

Like Grammarly and Ginger, it corrects our spellings, rules and helps to improve our writings. It is a personal trainer which train us to make our writing style better. Sometimes our writing is grammatically perfect, but we have written overcomplicated sentences, so it helps us to improve our style of writing. Beyond grammar rules, it suggests clichés and redundancies, terminology issues, plagiarism, overused words, phrases to improve our dull writing.

ProWriting makes a correction by using dictionaries, contextual thesaurus, reverse dictionary, collocation dictionaries, and alliteration dictionaries by suggesting better word choices. Furthermore, its edge is that you can choose among the different style of writing as General Academic, Business, Technical, Casual, and web. It is cheaper than the Grammarly.

If you want to use ProWriting Aid free, then you can avail benefits such as online use only, 500 words at a time, and 25 reports with limited Word Explorer Tool. You can also avail premium which will cost you $60 for a year for benefits like analyzing large files, fully functional of Word Explorer Tool and access to the desktop app. It also provides lifetime subscriptions at $210.

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Final Verdict

A grammar checker helps you with grammatical corrections and improving word choices and writing style in a few minutes. The software corrects mistakes in real-time and gives the opportunity to work on our writing skills. The Grammar checker software is programmed to check our content. So some general patterns and rules can be reorganized by the software. Above mentioned software acts as proofreaders which help in avoiding blunders. Still, we can’t rely on them completely. No doubts that software helps us to make corrections but, it is always advisable to check manually.

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