6 Prestigious Cars for Businessmen

The attribute of any boss or successful business person is the presence of prestigious cars. Traditionally, executive cars are full-size sedans that provide maximum ease of use. Top-ranking officials or leaders of wealthy companies choose the representative flagships of the Maybach, Mercedes S-class or BMW 7-Series. Even for a business trip to the United States, many businessmen pick up Rolls Royce car rental Memphis TN to match their high status.

However, for most managers, there’s still confusion about how to simultaneously find a high-quality luxury car, but the cost of such a car should be at an affordable level. So, let’s examine in more detail what cars can be considered as an excellent full-size car for the boss.


Volvo S90

The premium sedan from Volvo is not only perfectly equipped but also offered at an affordable price. The basic equipment for this car costs about $47,350. A new generation of Volvo S90 appeared quite recently, has several engines to choose from and features a stylish and memorable design.

The car has an extended list of options, while you can pick up a version with improved rear seats, which will be especially important for those executives who prefer to travel with a personal driver. Already in the basic configuration, the Volvo S90 will have an extended configuration, and for an extra charge you can equip the car with various options, so this car will not yield to top-end models from Mercedes-Benz and BMW in terms of technical aspects.

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Kia Quoris

If earlier the Korean manufacturer produced mainly compact and mid-size models, then the situation began to change dramatically. The products of this automaker began to enjoy the fame of a reliable, stylish and practical car. At the same time, due to its affordable price level, such cars were in demand on the market. If initially, Kia offered customers only small hatchbacks and small sedans, now in the offer of this manufacturer you can find five-meter sedans, which are positioned as luxury vehicles.

Kia notes that its new Quoris is a direct competitor to BMW 7-series. What’s more, it’s a competitor in performance, size and stylish appearance, but not in the price. In the top-end modification, this 5-meters-long car is offered at a price of $59,900. What is not typical for the products of this Korean manufacturer, the car has received an expanded set of equipment, including cruise control, various safety systems, LED headlights, leather seats, and keyless access.

BMW 5-series

This is another classic business sedan, which is traditionally considered to be a perfect car for the boss. The car has a stylish dynamic appearance, and in the salons of this brand, you can choose various modifications of power units, ranging from economical two-liter diesel engines to the top-end BMW M5 model with a powerful V8 engine.

In the basic configuration, the car has a price of $53,400, and for the top model M5 Competition, the manufacturer asks about $110,000. Accordingly, the price depends on the equipment of the car. If in the basic configuration the car has minimum options, then for extra money customers can get various additions, including 4-zone climate, driver’s seat memory, LED lights and other innovative electronic systems.

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Mercedes-Benz CLS

The CLS model is the so-called four-door coupe, which is great as a vehicle for a businessman. Traditionally, Mercedes is the embodiment of success and prosperity. 

Not surprisingly, today such cars are in great demand in the world market. For budget leaders, it’s possible to pick up Mercedes CLS with a two-liter diesel engine, the cost of which will be about $75,000. But the top modifications AMG 63 with the power of 585 hps is available at $109,000.

Hyundai Genesis

This brand decided to bring to the market a new Genesis, which is a great representative of luxury cars. Hyundai Genesis has a price of $42,000-$57,000. For this money, the buyer receives a fully packaged car, which provides maximum comfort.

The novelty has a stylish dynamic and aggressive appearance, which is not associated with cheap cars from Hyundai. Today, this car is excellently sold around the world, and most of the sales come from legal entities that buy such a car for business needs.

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Audi A7

Over the last 10 years, Audi has significantly expanded its offers. If earlier, when choosing a car for a company leader, many people paid attention to the luxurious Audi A8 executive sedan, today the A7 model is also very popular. It simultaneously combines luxury, hasn’t too large dimensions and is notable for ease of use. This four-door coupe has a stylish appearance, equipped with powerful and high-tech powertrains.

Traditionally for the German manufacturer Audi, the models of the sedan A7 received an extended set of assistants, and even in the base configuration, they can boast of various electronic systems options. In the top equipment, such a car is not inferior to premium brands, while its value is at an affordable level. In the basic configuration, the Audi A7 is available at $68,000.

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