Wellness and Yoga are seeping deep into Western culture in recent years as is shown in the rising numbers of people booking spiritual, wellness and yoga retreat all over the world.

Leaving it all behind

For some, the realization that they can enjoy a break away from the confines of ‘real life’ and combine it with learning a little more about themselves, and the way in which they can heal or embrace life more fully, is the key factor.

For others, it’s a way of delving deeper into that mystery which is the human mind and psyche by tapping into the power of their own spirituality through meditation, chants, yoga, mantra, and song.

Healing through group support

It is a well-known fact that the energy and support from a group offer powerful healing and wellness to individuals who are troubled, ill or simply a little worn out by life’s twists and turns.

Whilst we all know that relaxation is key to well being, few of us really understand the mechanics of how to de-stress, relax and embrace well being in our daily lives. Spiritual, wellness and yoga retreats are climbing in popularity as they are able to provide the path for us to attain this peace and tranquillity.

Many of the holidays and retreats are group based and can have a small handful of people attending or a large group. The support from the group encourages those attending to explore further than they normally would and to shrug off inhibitions created by social conditioning so that they can fully embrace the energy and sharing that is given in such groups

Unification through a desire to belong

Spending time with a group unified through a theme or the same desires is empowering and gives a sense of belonging where perhaps none existed previously.

In today’s world we are all hurrying and being bombarded with information that we don’t necessarily find useful and this only increases our stress levels and exacerbates our unhappiness in terms of relationships, finances and health issues.

When we come together as a group in a way that unifies us, we are free to explore our inner selves in safety knowing that the others around us support and share our feelings.

The other side of this success of such retreats lies in the insular lives we currently live. We don’t have communities in the way they were developed thirty to a hundred years ago. Each of us lives in our tidy little world and we communicate through electronic devices such as phones, computers, iPads, laptops, and mobiles. Families email or Skype each other even when they are next door neighbors. We have allowed community and family, in their truest sense, to lapse.

As human beings, we need to reach out and connect. We need the comfort of knowing we are not alone in our suffering or in our joy. Groups and sharing with others is an important part of our self-development, part of us that needs nurturing, and retreats and holidays that can provide this are ever more attractive.

Finding the right retreat for you

There are many such events to participate in and they can range from one hour to months depending on which one you choose. Some Summer Yoga Retreat centers are solely meant for writers, so they offer a peaceful, relaxing environment for writers who enjoy yoga too, they are Writing Retreat centers and yoga retreats.


By Diksha Yadav

Diksha Yadav is software developer with 4+ year experience in .NET and C#. She is senior developer and team leader in MNC and part-time blogger. She has enjoyed numerous assignments with the Company including automotive testing.

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