AwesomeLayoutManager Android Layout Library

Every Android applications layout management in proper and attractive way is key of success of that application. Today we discuss about a library named AwesomeLayoutManager contains a LayoutManager implementation with the help of which you can:

  • Draw your views in vertical and horizontal orientations
  • Make animated transition between vertical and horizontal mode
  • Draw your views in vertical orientation like a “previews” with cute scale effect
  • Scroll your views like a normal RecyclerView or like a ViewPager


You can also see my previous article on Create dynamic Android layout:

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You can see demo above and now we dive in implementation of this library

How to setup AwesomeLayoutManager Android Layout Library

Make sure you use jcenter repository

repositories {

Add dependency

dependencies {
    compile 'com.forcelain.awesomelayoutmanager:awesomelayoutmanager:1.0'

All you need is to create and setup an AwesomeLayoutManager instance

layoutManager = new AwesomeLayoutManager();

//how much your views will be scaled

//beheave like a ViewPager or not

// how much an item view will be high in vertical mode

// time of transition between vertical and horizontal mode


You can scroll your views like a normal RecyclerView


Also you can control the maximum height of views. For instance, make it small:


You can find a working example in the “app” module

Hope you like this tutorial if any issues or suggestion you have please comment us.

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