The time we live in needs adaptive and fast learners who can master the technology perks in a short time and take their work to the next level. Thanks to the technology, the education is a lot easier and faster, as the students, as well as teachers, can access to the best tools that help them in providing the work they are requested. Therefore, education became more convenient than it was ever before. For this reason, the students must get familiar with all of the latest technology trends and tools so they could keep up with the pace. In this article, we will talk about 9 Edtech tools that are useful to students that they should use.


IWB – The Interactive Whiteboard

The concept of Interactive Whiteboard is a bit older concept that was developed earlier as an aid for smaller learning groups and meetings where the goal was using the tool for fast presentation. It is more than a simple projector – it is a separate computer that works alone and has touchpads that you use to perform various actions like image presentation, text manipulation, and other functions as well. Although the tool was firstly used by the teachers, the tool is used widely by students at the forums, group discussions, etc. The direct involvement makes the tool perfect for small presentations where the goal is to interact and offer creative solutions and examples. Students use this instead of laptops or PCs, as it is easier to handle this IWB.

Smart Typewriter

If there is one thing that all students will like and have a lot of benefits throughout their studies, then it is this Smart Typewriter that helps students to type faster and more accurately. Unlike the other word-processing apps, Smart Typewriter disables all other software and allows this one to use the full screen and save all the information in a cloud drive via Wi-Fi. The device has a fantastic battery that can last for hours, so this is the perfect solution for students who like to study/write outdoor. The electronic paper screen incorporates the gray-scale background and eliminates all the distractions, so the student can stay focused. It also features auto-correct function, which means that the AI follows your words and letters and corrects any misspelled words.

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Many times students will have to draw illustrations or icons for their presentations or books and works and that is where AutoDraw steps in! Once you start drawing a shape/image, the AI tries to guess your drawing and it completes it automatically for you. Then, you can save it as a PNG file, download it and use it however you want. It is one of the best tools for quick-sketches, illustrations and small diagrams that students must include in their presentations. It is a great replacement for Adobe Photoshop, which is very expensive to buy.


It is a tool that allows real-time collaboration between students who can share their ideas and enjoy the unlimited image uploads! The students can collaborate and share resources among each other while adding the text and images in order to annotate some of your presentations. It allows creating loops and branches for complex diagrams for explaining the advanced workflows. It also allows you to assign an unlimited number of users who can edit the diagrams and content. The Coggle is the perfect tool for information sharing and writing occasions, as it allows you a lot of modification.

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Storybird allows you to add a story and develop further content quickly by creating compelling and beautiful artworks and layouts! The students can soon choose the artwork, add it and add more flavor to the book they are writing. Simple to use, free for a trial period and lots of free templates make this tool as one of the best writing tools for students. If you plan to sail in the writing seas, consider getting yourself a Storybird account as it makes your life easier.

Lino Sticky Notes

We all know that we sometimes simply forget to do something, especially when it comes to writing. The developers created the tool that offers you simple UX where you can organize your notes in the way you want. The simple drag-and-drop function allows you to store information on the note (which is huge) and access it anytime you want. It features a mini-calendar so you could stay organized. The best tool for students who write a lot and want to include all the important things in the text.


Slack is widely used at the moment, although it was used only by developers initially. You can organize your own session with other students so you could talk about the upcoming writing assignment. Instead of the email communication, Slack allows you to communicate directly without any need to wait for an email to arrive. You can talk to other writers using this app to discuss the ideas and opinions. 

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Flashcard machine

Although not a strictly writing app, the Flashcard machine allows you to develop your own cards, which can be useful for many writing issues. You can write down all the important tips, writing suggestions and topic-related questions on the flashcards and give these out to your colleagues. Therefore, the idea is to write on these cards to help other students to learn and progress. It is one of those apps that you do not like in the beginning, but the more you use it, the more you like it.


Writing can be hard and students often get afraid of the writing assignments due to many things, including poor grammar and spelling. This grammar checker is similar to Grammarly and allows you to include it in Google Chrome and use it in real-time while you are browsing! It also helps you with the word choice and grammar structure, so you write high-quality content.

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