7 Incredible Ways Technology Makes Driving Safe

Is there even such a thing as “driving safely”?

Although there are perhaps already millions of actively geared up cars all over the world, there are still many who consistently question the safety of a metal box powered up by a dynamic man-made engine. You cannot blame them. There might have been around millions of car accidents around the world, regardless of how minimal the damage or how careful the driver.

Recent technological developments have been amazing and are now intertwined with virtually every phase of everyday life. One region that has been dramatically altered is motoring–vehicle technology has now made driving much simpler and more pleasant than ever before, and this will only continue as progress continues. The implementation of autonomous driving characteristics has been one of the greatest improvements in latest times. With some of the characteristics already helping to save lives and prevent numerous accidents from happening, these make driving much easier and safer. 

Adaptive Cruise Control has been around for a while, making motorway driving a breeze. This function will drive the vehicle for you and will be able to adjust the velocity depending on the vehicle velocity around you, and some technologies can even take the vehicle to a stop and begin again when traffic starts moving.

So as technology evolved, people also learned to make use of it for the advancement of cars’ safety features. This article will show you how tech can prevent car accidents nowadays. Below are just some of the latest car technologies that may save your life on the road.


Collision Avoidance System/Automatic emergency braking (AEB)

Using state-of-the-art cameras and sensors around the vehicle, the collision avoidance system can avert you from bumping into any form of obstacle in your way – may it be another car, people or any immovable object around your car.

This “avoidance system” may vary from a warning alarm, an automatic brake system, and even an automated steering system, all produced to calculate distance and impede possible contact. Thus, technology has helped mankind by avoiding accidents and unusual deaths.  

Lane Departure Warning Systems

This particular new technology can help avoid many car accidents, as most of them actually happen due to the driver’s drowsiness. Sleepyheads and passengers will be notified through an alarm if the car is already going out of its original lane in the wrong direction. Very sophisticated technology is used in designing this system.

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360-Degree Rear-View Cameras

Isn’t it pretty much easier if you can see what’s happening all around your vehicle especially when parking or backing up, right? That’s how this 360-Degree Rear Camera system works. With the use of sensors, the car will also set an alarm once something or someone came up near your rear end.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

This particular technological advancement can automatically slow down each of your wheels when turning, especially during snowfall or rainfall. Roads are most likely slippery when icy or wet, so this system can definitely save you from harm during both seasons.

The ESC has been a required system inclusion on all vehicles in Canada since 2011.

Drowsiness Alert System

Another advanced car technology available in the market today which warns the driver and even the passengers to find a good spot to let the driver rest for a while. It stores the driver’s data and calculates the route, then it gives a warning alarm when sleep is more likely needed.

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Blind-Spot Warning System

Because there will always be a blind spot or two as you drive, this latest car tech trend is a helpful driving partner. With the use of sensors, this system can serve as your eyes on your blind areas so you will not always be surprised if something or someone abruptly came up from nowhere. It will either flash an alarm or cause your steering wheel to vibrate in order to get your attention.

Anti-Rollover Protection (ARP)

Among all the systems mentioned above, this one is good protection against probable extreme car accidents. It is a car innovation that can detect a potential flip over accident then automatically slows down the vehicle to a halt.

Thus, we have seen 7 important ways in which technology is helping to make driving safe. Although it is still not possible to make driving 101% safe all the time, these latest car innovations can absolutely save lives and prevent injuries. Most of the features discussed above are found in luxurious and expansive cars, however, they are getting more and more common as the technology is advancing.

The luxury car manufacturing companies are spending more and more on these technologies to enhance the safety of passengers and drivers. Rigorous testing and trials are conducted to make these improvements a success. Human life is precious and that is why the stress laid on the technology to improve the safety aspects is evident.

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