6 Ways To Grow Your Business With Voice Assistants

Advancement in technology is a gift to businesses. It has resulted in the automation of numerous business processes that too with more efficient results. Artificial and machine learning has played a significant role in this. AI has penetrated almost all kinds of industries like real estate, manufacturing, IT, Finance, etc. In this article, we will discuss one such technological advancement whose popularity is increasing day by day.

AI-powered voice assistants are becoming very popular not only in our daily lives (Alexa, Amazon’s Echo Dot, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, etc. ) but also in the business world. “Voice ai can carry out numerous functions like managing appointments, setting reminders, answering queries, making recommendations, and much more. Also, voice assistants have made assessing information at the workplace highly convenient.

Here are six ways in which the use of voice assistants can help you to grow your business.


Manage office remotely 

Voice Artificial intelligence technology allows the users to remotely manage and control most of the smart appliances installed at their workplace. Using voice assistants like Siri, Google Home, and Alexa, users can manage and control various smart devices of their office. This includes light bulbs, security cameras, alarm systems, thermostats, and smart locks.

Several small, as well as big organizations, have reaped the benefits of Voice assistants during this ongoing pandemic situation. With the use of voice assistants, businessmen can easily manage their office’s smart appliances. In addition to this, they can also create and control the safety and security of their office.

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Manage your business finances

Finance management is very crucial for any business. However, managing finance is not that easy. One needs to keep a track of each and every transaction like purchase, sale, inventory, expenses, etc. So, if you are an owner of a small business who faces difficulty in managing finance then, the voice assistant could be of great help. You can use voice assistant as a financial tool. Smartphones have made calculations easier, but with a voice assistant, you can get your calculations done without leaving the task at hand. One voice command and you will get answers for all kinds of calculations that too within seconds.

Voice assistants can be used to keep a record of inventory, purchase orders, business-related expenses, store performance, etc. Also, it enables analysts to access finance-related data, historical figures quite easily. With voice assistants, users can easily check the individual stock price by just giving a voice command.

Optimize your customer experience

Various companies are using voice assistants for enhancing their customer service. It is a worthwhile tool if you want to enhance your client experience. It can be used to answer buyer’s questions, following up on payments and orders. Voice assistants are an ideal tool for small companies.

Another advantage of using vice assistants for customer service is that they can work 24/7 without taking any breaks. Thus, business owners can carry out their customer-related tasks (answering customer questions, fixing appointments, etc.) 24*7.

Furthermore, you can program your voice assistant to carry out the functions of a secretary. It can answer your calls, take messages, fix and manage appointments, etc.

Dictate and translate

As discussed above, the voice assistant can be used to carry out the tasks of a personal assistant. When we think of a secretary, the image of an employee taking dictation comes to our mind. Nowadays, several businesses are using voice assistants for dictation and translating purposes. With voice assistant, you can dictate answers to important emails or get your thoughts penned down at any time and anywhere. You just need to activate the voice assistant’s app on your phone. Once activated, it would record and document everything said by you that too without any spelling error.

If you are busy but want to check your mails, then you just have to give the command to your voice assistant. It would read your messages and emails for you. Voice assistants can also translate words, lines, and phrases from one language to another. Thus, if you get a message or mail from any foreign client in his/her native language you can use the voice assistant to translate the same in your language.

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Manage your travel plans

If your business involves lots of traveling then having a voice assistant can be very useful. Voice assistants can carry out various functions like booking a ride, alerting about traffic conditions, booking flights, making reservations for a meeting, etc. Beside this, the voice assistant is very much capable of planning and managing your entire trip. this includes checking the weather conditions of your travel destination, booking a hotel, checking loyalty points, booking a rental car, etc.

Find service providers in your area

While running a business you’ll keep on requiring one or other services. With voice assistant by your side, you just have to give one voice command and a call would be connected to the required service provider in your locality.

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