Build Your Small Business Using a Virtual Office

If you’re looking to build a new company, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make. Where will your business be located? Who will help you run your company? Thankfully, using a virtual office can help answer these questions.

We live in a world operating within a global market. Even small companies are doing business with people all over the world. This means you need to have a professional office where you can meet with prospective and existing clients.

One of the best ways to achieve this without dealing with the expense of a physical office is to opt for a virtual office. More companies are deciding to go in this direction. Virtual offices offer the space and professional services that you need to operate and grow your small business.

Here are 5 ideas you can use to build your small business using a virtual office.


You Will Need a Physical Address

Regardless of how small or large your business may be, you need to register it with a physical address. A virtual office offers this benefit. You can use the address of your virtual office for general commercial purposes, such as on your business cards, on your website, sales/marketing material and other forms of business trading such as setting up a business bank account.

You want to choose an address with a location in a high-profile city such as London. You want to make sure your clients and business partners know that you can compete with other companies that have gone global.

You can have your mail sent to this address as well. Many virtual offices offer professional personal receptionist. They can receive and sort your incoming mail. You can instruct them to either hold your mail on-site or forward them to an alternate address.

Arrange for Storage

Even though your company will operate out of a virtual office, you will still need physical storage space. You will have older and existing files and folders that you need to retain. Depending on the type of service you provide, you may need to preserve these records for a certain period of time.

You also want to have somewhere to store other items such as equipment, signage, or promotional materials. A quality virtual office will provide you with a private and personal storage space.

If you were to pay for private storage at a traditional storage facility, you will spend thousands of dollars a year. And, you won’t have the convenience of your storage being located at the same place you conduct your business. A virtual office offers you the best of both worlds.

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You Will Need Professional and Comfortable Meeting Rooms

One of the great benefits of a virtual office is they provide you with professional and comfortable meeting rooms. From time to time, you’re going to need to meet with business partners and clients. You don’t want to do this in a coffee shop or hotel lobby.

Virtual offices grant you access to state-of-the-art conference rooms on an ad-hoc basis. For a nominal fee each month, you can have access to luxurious meeting rooms where you can entertain existing and prospective clients.

Your clients will be greeted by friendly and professional staff who will escort them to their designated meeting room. They’ll also be provided with healthy beverages and refreshments. Both your staff and your clients will be treated to luxurious comfort in order to conduct your private business.

Professional Personal Receptionists

If you maintain a physical office, you would need to hire a full-time office receptionist. You would have to pay their wages and benefits. One of the great things about a virtual office is that you will have access to a professional receptionist. This is included in your monthly charge.

Your personal receptionists can do almost everything any other receptionists would do. They’ll help with your phone calls answered in your company. They can make and receive phone calls to partners and clients. They will treat your clients with respect and a level of professionalism unmatched in a physical location.

Another great thing about having your virtual office is that you’ll have someone there to take and transfer calls, extend messages and take important messages on your behalf. During off-business hours, your virtual office will provide a voicemail system that you can access at any time, from anywhere.

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Choose a Full-Service Virtual Office

The reason you’re going to choose a virtual office is that you want to focus on growing your business. You don’t want to have to spend time and resources on a physical location. You also want the convenience of a high-premium location that attracts clients and business partners alike.

When you look for your virtual office, you want to make sure they offer all the services and amenities you need. You want to make sure they offer full business hours. You also need to ensure that they provide you with a fully staffed location that you can take advantage of on an ad-hoc basis.

You also want to choose a virtual office that is located in a high-profile city. The office should be located in a central location, with access to public transportation and other service accessibility. The point of having a virtual office is to impress your clients, not inconvenience them.

It’s Time to Build Your Small Business Using a High-Profile Virtual Office

If you’re looking to start or expand your small business, you need to consider a virtual office. For a nominal monthly fee, you can have access to all of the amenities that come with a high-priced physical location.

You should contact a virtual office that offers luxury and convenience. You want to focus your resources on development and expansion – not rent and overhead. This is why a virtual office may be the perfect solution for your small business.

With the ideal virtual office, you can enjoy all the amenities of luxury without the high costs. Let your virtual office handle the details while you work on growing your new business.

Vanessa Madison is a Success Manager at YourCityOffice and in her spare time writes about traveling, real estate and everything about small to medium-sized businesses.

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