You probably did not even think that such a phone would come in the market. There is a company called “Touring Robotics Industry” (TRI), who has built a phone called Cardenza.


If we talk about great phone, then this phone runs with 12GB of RAM plus 2 Snapdragon 830. Due to this being two processors, this will be the fastest phone ever.

It will have a 20 megapixel front camera. If you talk about the front camera, this phone will have a 60 MP camera, so you will not be able to record the quality of the IMAX with 4. This phone will come with 1000 GB memory. This phone will have 500GB of internal storage and you will be able to increase it to 500 GB of SD card. This phone will run on the televised voice of the company. This phone will be turned on and off on your voice and there will also be many hidden features.


Phone with 12gb ram specification

This phone will come with a display of 5.8 “2. It will have a Swordfish operating system, which will have an AI system like Apple’s Siri. This phone will have 4 SIM cards which will probably also support 5G networks. The Izaki battery is also made quite differently. It will have a 100wh hydrogen fuel cell battery. This phone will begin to meet this year’s end. Follow us for more knowledge.

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