Granted, a vehicle is one of the most prized possession you have, next to your house. Something about owning a car makes life a lot easier. Your movement around town, taking a vacation or having a road trip is all possible because of the kind of car you have.

In that case, it makes a lot of sense to seek out the best accessories to go along with your vehicles. Better yet, if those accessories can help boost the security of our car. The good thing with technology is that it creates limitless possibilities to make life better. If you are looking for the best security gadgets for your car, consider the following ten of the best:


Car alarm

A car alarm is the most popular security measure for vehicle owners around the world. The effectiveness is tested when an intruder tries to get too close to your vehicle. This technology plays best if you are nearby when the alarm goes off.


A VIN is a 17 digit number that is unique to your car. The number shares a lot of information about the country your car was manufactured, the model, and serial number among other things. Prying outside eyes might be targeting your VIN, which is why it matters to cover it up. A VIN shield allows you to apply VIN serials on all of your car’s windows. This makes it difficult for thieves to sell off your car for parts when they steal it.

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Baby monitors are not only useful to keep up with the discomfort of your child in the night. Babysense baby monitor might just be the gadget you need to take the security of your car to the next level. It is a wireless baby monitor that features both night vision and audio. If you leave it in your car, you can collect a lot of useful information about all the activities that happened in your absentia. A car thief will be scared off by a video camera that also has audio.

Kill switch

A kill switch works by disrupting the normal functioning of the car. Technically, it stops the flow of electricity to the fuel pump and other critical systems of the vehicles. If a thief is onto your car, a kill switch will disrupt his efforts to start it and getaway. This might make them move on to the next car.


A car lock is an advanced GPS tracker on your car. It makes it a lot easier for the police to hunt down your car after it has been stolen. Thieves will go to any length to get away with your vehicle. If they manage to, license plate search might work better if you have a carlock that can trace the location of your car in real-time.

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A car shield closely monitors the state of your car. It keeps track of the heat level, the car’s battery, and detects oil pressure problems, among other things. It also comes with an integrated GPS that helps with tracking your car. The best part is you can get all the updates on your email or messages. The gadget works by plugging it to the diagnostics port of your car. From here, it gets access to the computer system of your vehicle and can begin to relay information to an internet-connected device like your phone.

POW Car Safety Hammer Escape Tool

With this tool, you can quickly get out of your car in a matter of seconds, in case of an emergency. It easily penetrates through the windows of your car to create an outlet for you. It also has a seatbelt cutter that can help you free yourself from your seat. The safety device is properly secured, especially the laser end, to make sure you don’t hurt yourself in your efforts to escape.

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Tire Pressure Gauge Digital

Keeping your tires at the correct pressure at all times is crucial. It helps you save on fuel, not to mention, drive safely. This is more so important for when you are taking a long drive, perhaps away from the city. This tool is ergonomically designed, which makes it pretty comfortable to use. Once you detect a deflation in your tires, you can sort it out on the go, without letting it catch you by surprise.

TOGUARD Backup Camera

You can never have too many cameras when it comes to boosting your car’s security. This backup camera features touch screen technology and 1080P FHD Recording. It also has a 480P waterproof rear cam to offer you maximum coverage on your car. It will make your driving better as it improves your security.

FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Scan Tool

Mastering the health of your car early enough is one of the best ways you can prevent accidents from happening. This car monitor keeps track of the health of your car and alerts you as soon as there is something to concern you. The updates of these gadgets are available for Android users and iOS.

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