What do you have to say about worst songs? Obviously something will be good. The songs are close to the heart. Do you know there are some songs that many people committed suicide after listening to it. We are talking about the Sad Sunday song that was made by Hungarian musician Rezso Seress in 1933.

Hungarian musician Rezso Seress

World worst song

It is counted among the world’s most popular and humorous songs. The lyrics of this song touch the heart. This song is a romantic soundtrack. Lovers die in this song, but the girlfriend also wishes to meet her later. This song has so much pain in itself that everyone who hears, feels his pain. Being Famous, Billie Holiday, considered to be the wizard of American Jazz Music in 1941, remakes the song. Yet the addiction of this song remained intact. There was a decrease in people’s suicide This song was so infamous that in 1941 many countries including the BBC banned the song and after 63 years it was removed from the ban in 2003. This was the story of this song which people who have passed through this time seemed to themselves.

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