What’s The Point of Having a Humidifier in Kids’ Room?

The younger the baby is, the more delicate skin he has, which is very sensitive to negative factors. If the air is too dry, kids’ skin (especially of newborns) can dry up, inflame and exfoliate. Baby’s nose gets stuffy, which makes him wake up frequently during the daytime and nighttime sleep. Moreover, it can lead to allergic reactions and frequent colds. It all results in a cranky mood, crying, fatigue, and irritancy.

Humidifier – a device that can create comfortable microclimate – magically changes the situation. Babies start sleeping better, get less cranky and stop catching frequent colds. Skin doesn’t dry up or get irritated even without special moisturizers for babies. Nose congestion also goes away, which is quite natural – it is a common attendant of over-dried room air.

The beneficial effect of moisturizing devices is the most noticeable in winter when hot radiators and heaters consume a huge amount of moisture. In these periods humidity level in the air can lower to 20% – and that’s very bad, as it approximately equals to a humidity level in a desert. And that’s just the beginning: if walls are covered with wallpapers or plaster slabs, humidity can go down to 10%, as both these materials absorb moisture from the air.

If the situation has worsened so much, putting wet towels on radiators won’t help – only drastic actions should be taken, as it’s not easy to increase humidity level to optimal parameters. About three liters of water would have to be evaporated every day, and only special moisturizing devices will be able to do that. Now we will tell you about different types of humidifiers, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. 

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Ultrasonic Humidifiers and Their Usage in Kids’ Room

As written here, this type of humidifiers for babies has the highest efficiency level. Their mode of action consists of water evaporation due to vibratory movements of a special membrane. Being submerged into a water container, it makes the water turn into steam, but doesn’t make it hotter than the room temperature. It’s an advantage – cold steam can’t burn a baby who can come very close to the device because of curiosity.

Don’t believe that ultrasound from these devices negatively affects people and pets. Humidifier uses completely safe frequencies. What’s really harmful is electrostatic emission produced by TV screens and monitors. They are better to be removed from the kids’ room. Humidifier partially lowers down this negative effect, decreasing electromagnetic radiation.

It’s better to place ultrasonic humidifier somewhere higher – for example, on a bed-side table or stable shelf. Such placement is a warranty for quicker steam distribution in the air. As for maintenance, there is one peculiarity – the device doesn’t accept hard water, giving out white dust with the steam. So you should either buy smoothing cartridges once in three-four months or use special water, purified with filters.

Ultrasonic Humidifier Set 

  1. Clean moisturized air.
  2. Container with water.
  3. AG – cartridge.
  4. Dry air.
  5. Evaporation chamber.
  6. Ultrasonic membrane.
  7. Cooler.
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When it’s Worth Buying Ultrasonic Humidifier for Kids’ Room:

  • If the air in the room is over-dried, and radiators are very hot in winter and can’t be adjusted. The powerful device will easily solve this problem and provide comfort for a little family member.
  • If your child’s sleep is very light, and he can wake up from the smallest noise. Humidifier of this type works very quiet (just weakly bubbles and lisps when emitting steam), and won’t disturb anyone even when it’s quiet in the night.
  • If the child’s room is pretty big – the power of one ultrasonic device is enough for treating decent air amounts.
  • If you often have to increase humidity to an optimal level.
  • If you frequently have to transfer the device to the other rooms.
  • If it’s not unprofitable for you to buy purified water or special cartridges for smoothing water.


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