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Whether you are in high school, college or university, keeping abreast with the latest video game releases is something students hobby these days. Everyone wants to have a collection of the best. However, not all motion graphics productions are popular. Some games will take you deep into the world of fantasy where high-octane shooting and blood-letting rescue missions would leave your heart beating fast. The other will be less memorable, and as soon you’ve finished them, you quickly discard them into a recycle bin of oblivion.


Now, basing your quest for fun and adventure on the foregoing, picking up something worth playing during summer holidays comes with real hard choices. First off, compiling a list of the best or the latest video games becomes a vital step moving forward. This post walks you through motion graphics games which are popular with today’s students. But before we proceed, here are a few things worth noting:

The good gaming experience is worth writing home about

When schools reopen for a new semester, the students need to relieve their tensions. So why not to shoot the virtual targets? Anyway, asking for help with essays on guns means video games will be among available options. If Mass Effect doesn’t make for a good choice of topics, then Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare certainly will get you thinking about shooters and guns. In a nutshell, choosing a video worth reviewing in your essay is all about taste, preference, and popularity. Most importantly, something that could have taken your adrenaline rush into an overdrive.

Gaming companies are scaling the heights of production

For over a decade now, gaming companies have continued to deliver blockbusters. A great production from Ubisoft, for example, will keep you at the edge of your seat from sunrise to sunset. Ubisoft is popular for gaming sequels such as Assassin’s Creed and being worth $3.69 billion makes it a force to reckon with in the gaming enterprise.

As a video gaming enthusiast, you must have also heard or even read about Nintendo, arguably the oldest gaming company dating back to over 140 years. Their creations such as Super Mario Bros are among other great products that have seen the company’s worth rise to more than $20.11 billion. Other companies that have etched a name on the world’s greatest motion graphics companies are Electronic Arts, usually abbreviated as EA (worth $22.9 billion) and Apple which takes the biggest credit for success in the gaming industry and with games like Candy Crush driving its value to a soaring $526.82 billion.

Activision Blizzard is another company whose products such as World of Warcraft and Overwatch are among other most popular games. Also, think about Microsoft, 2K, Sony, and Tencent, all of which are the big names in the industry and with a combined net value running into billions of dollars.

A student’s bucket list of the most popular video games

You would agree that video gaming hubs are cropping up everywhere, including entertainment joints. Thus, there is no better thrill and fun than playing alongside competitors. Moreover, most popular games are those which involve shooting, something which this post emphasizes by putting together the following list:


Battlefield presents gamers with detailed props and a wide range of locations. Its setting is something worth powerful essays on guns. Here, characters, most of whom are Marine Corps, represent high definition graphic rendering. Everything about Battlefield is what makes it one of the most famous video games you will ever play.

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is another game worth mentioning when recommending a list of the best to a student looking for some fun during holidays.  It presents among other things, stealth shooting actions and role-playing. But the most bizarre yet mind-boggling is when instead of much-anticipated robots taking over duties of humans, someone replaces God!

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 makes it to this list for all the reasons. Playable on PS4, PC and Xbox, it is a top choice for most, if not all students. It features what many would call modern warfare, thanks to highly sophisticated combat tactics.


Overwatch is among the most played computer games in tournaments around the world. Participants are mostly teenagers-college students. It features a wide cast of superheroes and a highly engaging shooting action. You wouldn’t be forgiven for failing to find Overwatch in your college essays database and the reason is simple. It’s worth a good write-up whenever something on gun topics and games features in your weekend assignment.

Rainbow Six Siege

Another production that is popular with college students today is Rainbow Siege Six by Ubisoft. It is a highly addictive game depicting tactical shooting and the necessity for teamwork. From frequently updated maps, players and operators, only patience and tactical prowess separate you from a pro gamer and an amateur.

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Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is another top motion graphics game that is both spectacular and addictive. It is an improvement over earlier versions, thanks to highly-rendered scenes. Students who play Far Cry 5 have reported an immersive experience that involves shotguns, stealth shooters, helicopters and all sorts of villains. It means you won’t go wrong with it as among the best gun control topics on which to write an essay.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

If you have a gun essay assignment, then call of Duty: Advanced Warfare would fit the bill for a perfect write-up. A video gaming addict student will admit to a high-octane experience when playing this game. From explosions, collapsing buildings, dying soldiers to endless warfare, call of Duty presents more than a far cry for help in an environment rendered helpless by sounds of guns. It is something worth considering in your next search for gun control research topics in college.

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