3 Oberlo Stores For Sale That Entrepreneurs Bought On Exchange Marketplace TellMeHow

Readers, let’s cut the chase: Exchange Marketplace has tons of Oberlo stores for sale. These have the capacity for immense growth. And the stores we are going to discuss today are three established stores already bought by entrepreneurs out there. These stores have already been sold on Exchange Marketplace as they are valuable businesses that have more success in store (pun intended!). When entrepreneurs were looking for businesses of a specific niche, they found these to be of vital importance which is why they bought these ventures. The Oberlo stores that were on sale were affordable too, which meant no sleepless nights about the capital that was invested, and more money to further expand the stores! So without further ado, we give you:

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Love Travel Co.

Love Travel Co. is a fully automated business that has various processes that can be used. It sells dry bags for travel and apparel specifically for travel. The store has a POD process which is a part of the store. This is convenient, effortless and provides you with a small inventory which is easy to ship. There is an additional FB group which is fully automated. The store has over 600 email subscribers and counting. Trendly is part of the store and it is used for effective influencer management. A value of $1000 had already been purchased by the seller and so the entrepreneur got the benefit from that as well.

The total revenue of Love Travel Co. amounts to $20,534 and the total traffic amounts to 38,025 sessions. The expenses of Love Travel Co. include a monthly Shopify plan for $29 per month and a domain of $1 per month. The sale included physical inventory, domain, social media details, subscribers, photos of the products sold and personal support after the sale. This helped the entrepreneur get everything needed to further improve the store and increase sales. The deal was amazing especially considering the potential of the store.

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Performance metrics of Love Travel Co. TellMeHow

The Trend State

The Trend State is one of the Oberlo stores for sale that was quite interesting. This store is a general store that stocks the latest products from various categories in electronics that are in the market. Since it provides customers with the latest gadgets, accessories, and products, it is something that will always be in demand as new products are launched. Customers get an update without having to spend hours on research and this is what made it a great deal. The entrepreneur saw that this website could offer a lot more and growth could be boosted even further. There were already over 2000 followers on Instagram and Facebook which meant a solid customer base to start off with.  

The Trend State’s homepage. TellMeHow

The Trend State’s total revenue was $41,993 which is impressive, and shows that customers are interested to buy cool products to make their life easier. The traffic of The Trend State was 31,365 sessions. The expenses of the store were $1.17 for the domain and $29 for the plan from Shopify per month. The sale of The Trend State business included the domain, social media subscribers and accounts, logo, photos of the products that are trending, branding information and personal support.

 Performance metrics of The Trend State. TellMeHow

Sugar Skull Fashion

Sugar Skull Fashion has apparel, jewelry, watches, home décor and other products that are fashionable. This particular Oberlo stores for sale was a great business because it sold sugar skull designed products that appealed to the masses. This store provided the perfect way to scale and grow the business. Since there was a lot of ability by the right entrepreneur to take it forward, it didn’t take long for it to be sold. Sugar Skull Fashion’s marketing was done through Facebook and Instagram mainly. There are over 115,000 followers on Facebook and more than 7600 subscribers. This shows the store can become widely popular and drive sales when done right. Oberlo stores have a lot in them that makes them amongst the best stores to purchase.

Sugar Skull Fashion store’s homepage. TellMeHow

Sugar Skull Fashion has a revenue of $57,191 which shows it is an established store. The total traffic of the store is 156,044 sessions which is amazing. It goes on to show how popular the store and its products are. Customers are truly interested in purchasing products from Sugar Skull Fashion. On the expenses front, the Shopify plan costs $29 per month and the domain cost was $1.17 per month. The sale of the Sugar Skull Fashion store included a physical inventory, domain, photos sugar skull products, logo, social media subscribers, branding assets, social media accounts, and personal support after the sale.

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Performance metrics of Sugar Skull Fashion. TellMeHow

Do these inspire you to get an established store for yourself? Oberlo stores provide you with the confidence you need for starting your own business. Exchange Marketplace is a great place for beginners as well, who wish to buy a potentially profitable business.

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