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We have all found ourselves taking dull photos which might appear unattractive to post. With social media, many people are after approval from friends and strangers. Getting a thousand likes is one of our key agendas. Whether you take the photos for personal or business reasons, you need killer photos that make everyone jealous.

As a business owner, you should work on posting quality photos since they show some credibility and give more reason to have a high perception concerning your business. You might have noticed that your competitors get a lot of likes from the beautiful pictures they post. For some reasons, you tend to think that they are better than you. This is false. We all know that your business is better only that they have embraced the use of photo editing software to make their photos impressive. Your photos are way better; you only need to add an extra touch to get there! Here are some software tools you could use.

Photoshop Express

For any android user, Photoshop express is here to make fast and fantastic editing for you. It is equipped with features such as cropping, rotating or even straightening.  Photoshop has several filters, different frames, and other effects. In case you have large files, Photoshop is equipped with tools such as Image Rendering Tools to handle that. Want to share photos directly from an editing app to your social media accounts? Try this free software.

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If you have been a user of Adobe Photoshop, you might get amused at how these two software share similarities. The only difference between the two is that Gimp is free! You are not expected to pay a single penny for an absolutely quality service. Why choose Gimp?

  • Can handle any size of an image file
  • Plenty of editing tools –layers, filters, and the likes
  • Constantly evolving – you get notified for any new advancement

Who doesn’t love a slim body for the beach? With Gimp, you can take your ‘not so slim’ body to the beach but update Instagram with a perfect shape of you! With the simple and advanced features, you can work on your photo to have a seamless result. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable again; get under the hood and edit it!

PicArt Photo studio

If you are looking for different ways to customize your photos, try PicArt. The application has an inbuilt camera that takes perfect pictures besides giving you an option to share the images. You can use free features such as collage and stickers. However, if you want additional advanced features, you can make in-app purchases.


The android photo editor is equipped with user-friendly interface giving you a chance to apply the color and tone of your pictures. The inbuilt camera gives you an opportunity to make live adjustments as you take different pictures. After this, you can share the images to places such as Facebook.


If you still want to enhance photos at entirely no cost, download this app for your Android device. You can have different photo effects and filters on all sizes of image files. Various adjustments can be made such as brightness, contrast, and exposure. Collage templates are readily available to help you create different collages such as classic. Though the application is free, be ready to encounter some ads here and there.

Google photos

Despite having beautiful pictures, the process could not feel accomplished unless we have the images consolidated in one place. We may decide to store images in flash disks. However, what happens when you lose it? Does it mean that all your preserved memories go with it? All we want is having pictures that we can view decades of years from now.

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Google photos offer the best solution to this! Though the app is not designed to help in advanced editing of photos, you can edit just a little bit before sharing. With a Google account, you can save pictures from anywhere, and access them at any time, provided you have internet. The best thing about storing photos in Google is that it does not use up your device space!


This android app is free. By merely tapping at the screen, you can choose the file to edit with over 20 tools. Once done, you can freely save it in your preferred location or even share it with friends.

YouCam Perfect

In 2019, you can beautify your pictures by applying effects such as filters and video selfies. You can also blur your background in case you don’t want it appearing. It has an object remover tool where you can remove unpleasant features such as eye bags and thick waists. For a group selfies, it has multi-face detection to ensure everyone is set to take a photo. In case you have a poor smile, get a smile feature to give you that perfect smile.


This is the recommendable application for everyone! In this app, you can get over 2 million features that you can apply to your photos. The app balances color and ensures that you can perfectly collage more than 20 photos.


Choosing a photo enhancer software depends on what you want.  Whether you want collages or fun effects, you can choose from the variety. Being on a low budget should never be the reason why you upload boring pictures on your personal or business pages.


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