Type C USB Cables

The manufacture of Type C USB cables hit the market with a BANG! And consequently gained a lot of attention from the population. The manufacturers were hard pressed to provide newer models and better quality as the people wanted more and was fast coming up with more necessities which needed to be provided for.

Type C USB cables make life easy for all of us as they provide us with all the necessary functions needed for day-to-day work.


There are 6 common types of USB cables out of which Type C is the most used one. It is the newest standard to which all other cables are being measured. It is a reversible cable which provides a higher transfer speed and is also capable of handling other functions such as the simple charging of your mobile through a laptop. The USB type C cable manufacturers have kept in mind the advancing world and the need for products that can be easily handled i.e. small and fast products ready for use in the nick of time.

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  • Smaller size: USB ports that are being fitted into the electronic devices are now smaller and sleeker while the previous cables namely Type A and Type B are of a larger size and a bit bulky. This led to the manufacture of Type C cable which has a small plug which has a 98% probability to be able to connect with all types of USB ports.


  • Reversible plugs: Both ends of the Type C cable have the same kind of plug fitted into it so that the average customer would not have to waste time in finding and connecting the correct plug to the correct port.


  • Alternate modes: The type C cable can support various functions, for example, HDMI, VGA, and Display port. This alone has made life much easier for the people as the need for various types of cables for various functions is being diminished.
  • Cost effective: Other than having various modes of use it is also extremely inexpensive and ready for the use of the common man. The general population’s life has been made easier as the type C cable is providing us with all necessary cable functions.
  • Fast charger: The Type C cable is guaranteed to be a faster charger for any of your devices than any other charger than you are using right now.





Let’s Move further to the uses of type C cable to know its applications in the bigger picture.



  • High Data Transfer: As the USB Type C offers great speed, there is a lot of advantage that it delivers with such high speed. If you use these data cables that have Type C USB ports on both the ends such as the one that the MacBook Pro uses, all you can see is impressive data transferring speed.


  • Delivers Stellar Audio: Owing to the multifunctional nature of the USB Type C, you will be amazed to know how easily this useful cable can be. It has the potential to aid in both the operations, audio input as well as the output. Thus, this makes it a perfect companion while finding the best audio companion.
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  • Good Power offering: With the invention of USB PD, you can see how easily the USB Type-C cable can provide about 100 W which is about 7 times higher than the normal USB that claims to offer 15 W. Even all the laptops and other devices have got a USB charging port so that you can use USB type-C cable for charging.




  • High Definition Video: When it comes to connecting your device to some external TV projector, USB type-C cables have got you covered. They are easy to use and instead of relying on multiple cables, this single cable is designed to deliver good video quality without many efforts.
  • Ethernet Cable: Being a highly versatile cable, you just need to connect your USB Type-C with the Gigabyte Ethernet adapter and you can easily see a decent internet speed coming through the cable.

Now that you have got information about the benefits and the top uses of where you can easily use USB type-C cable, go and get one for your use as well.  Mind you! you will be completely satisfied with it.

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