An ideal city for a long journey, Ipoh is a beautiful place for the tour with its best places and architecture to enjoy and it has the most worthy places to visit and fill your Instagram stories. Ipoh is famous for cave temples, its heritage, a variety of affordable museums with the beautiful eye-catching street art, the most exotic adventure activities and last but not the least Malaysia’s best food that worth a visit to enjoy capture it for your Instagram.

The cafes in Ipoh are its beauty the food and places are just wow. Ipoh might not be the first choice for a visit but now the cafes in hippo have changed the scenario but you’ll be surprise seeing how hipster the town has become. The five most insta worthy cafes in hippo are listed here. Btw don’t miss to buy a cooler for your amazing trip, visit here for more information on coolers.



This is probably the most popular cafes of Ipoh and also one of those cafes which are always in the list of insta worthy cafes on google. This café in Ipoh is famous for its gritty abstract interior such as the art on walls, the textured walls with. The decoration with rich colorful party tassels and another odd décor that can simply appeal the hipster to visit this amazing café in Ipoh. But this peculiar design isn’t just the reason for its visit its mouthwatering jammy burger with the thick juicy beef patty and other delicious food is a reason why people simply love this place and visit this café in Ipoh on every visit.

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The coffee served in old-school mugs with a cracker ice cream named as sodapiah there, with the toast topped with kaya and butter with half boiled egg on the side will definitely please you to visit this hipster café in Ipoh again and again. The specialty of LIM KO PI is its best traditional served coffee that worth the second visit. Due to the best traditionally served food as well as the traditional architecture the café is doing well from other hip cafes in town. The semi-outdoor space worth the Instagram click with the daylight and thriving greenery.

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The most popular café in Ipoh for its deliciously creamy crunchy ice balls, with the drizzling syrup and ice chunks, Located right after so many cafes, this café in Ipoh still manages to maintain its worth and definitely worth an Instagram click. Must visit this place for your insta memorable trip.


The delicate architecture with the wooden panel and a finish of zinc roof. The interior has orb shaped paper lantern are hanging from the ceiling the rough brick surface and floral curtains and furniture that gives you homely feeling will just enhance the mood and not only the food is worth capturing but the interior as well.

Tittle Tattle Houzz

Tittle Tattle name is actually the mixture of furniture pieces which refers to the beautiful interior with butterfly cutouts on a wall, a corner with comic strips and crated made tables. The café has a homey environment and interior has charm. If you are an Instagram person than you must check out this café for the flood of likes.

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