In recent years, the profession of image maker is rapidly gaining popularity, and there are new and new projects dedicated to the subtleties of creating an image. What does the image really influence and how to create the right style?

Finding your style

Recently, the profession of image maker is rapidly gaining popularity and new projects dedicated to the subtleties of creating an image appear every day. But is the style influenced by the right suit, the fashionable hair style, and the perfume? What does the style really influence and how to create the right style? Here are some tips on how to find your style from the low cost resume writing service.

To begin with, each of us is an image maker. Consciously or not, you create a certain image, built on a combination of elements of the visual form (hair, clothing, makeup, accessories, manicure), manners (walk, facial expressions, speech, gestures), and habitat (environment, life, house).

Your appearance tells a lot about you, and no matter what you think about yourself. The goal of the image-maker-stylist is to help you become an expert in shaping the image. They want to help you realize, perhaps, re-remember and actualize your own self through style.


The person, perceiving the surrounding, reacts first to the color, and then to the form. Therefore, starting to work on your image, you need to start with the definition of color. Proceeding from the widespread theory, from birth, a person belongs to one of them. Color-types, conditionally named after the seasons, can be warm and cold. The shades of clothing, makeup, and accessories are selected, respectively, Spring and Autumn – warm, Summer and Winter – cold.

Spring is a warm type. A bright sign is a delicate pinkish peach skin, always a light tone of hair. Shades are golden, straw, and honey. Eyes are light blue, amber, gray, but always light and transparent.

Autumn is also a warm but a more saturated color-type. People of the Autumn by nature have red, copper or bronze hair, perhaps with brown hair. The skin tone is not as clear as of those who belong to the spring type. Eyes can be brown, gray, or green.

Summer is a cold type. Accordingly, the tone of summer skin is cold, light, and pinkish-bluish. Hair is from light blondes to dark chestnut but always with blond or ashy undertones. Summer can be contrasting (it is a more color-saturated type, with dark hair and eyebrows) and not contrasting (with blond hair).

Winter is the coldest and brightest color type. Winter people have dark hair, fair skin, and bright eyes. Like summer, winter type can be contrast (light skin and dark hair) and non-contrast (dark-olive skin undertones and dark hair).

In order to determine whether you belong to the warm or a cold color pattern, bring to your face first warm, and then cold tones of the same color. You probably will notice that against the background of one of the color tones, your face will glow. The tone that is not yours, on the contrary, will give the skin an unhealthy, uncharacteristic shade.

After you determine your color pattern, choosing the most winning clothes will become much easier. By the way, distinction by tone does not limit your color choice in any way – any color can be warm or cold. Color saturation also does not affect its warmth or coldness, even a bright red shade can be cold.

Shape type

Each of us is unique, but there are only a few types of female figures. But there are many ways to correct deficiencies and emphasize virtues.

Women with broad shoulders are recommended vertical fasteners, no assemblies along the shoulder line, and narrow long lapels of jackets. For narrow shoulders, a cutout in the boat shape will be good, as well as an American armhole, a large figure, or a raglan.

If you have wide hips, you’re recommended the length of dresses and skirts from the middle of the knee and a slightly narrowed or slightly flared silhouette, cuts, seams on the sides, and muted tones. For narrow hips, skirts with flirts, folds, wide trousers, a multiple vertical strip on trousers, accents on the waist and hips, and volume texture of the fabric will be suitable.


Accessories are additions to the style, which, like clothes, can correct the figure and perception of you by people around you. The area that is highlighted with an accessory will, firstly, attract attention to itself, and, secondly, distract attention from other areas.

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