For building a world-class AI, Taiwan Administrative Academy special investigation team is set up Tellmehow

For building a world-class AI, Taiwan Administrative Academy special investigation team is set up

As we all know, Taiwan’s voice chips are among the best in China and even in Asia. It is reported that in order to consolidate the status of the core N910X MP3 Chip chip giant in the entire Asia-Pacific region, Taiwan Administrative Academy announced the establishment of a special group.

   In order to grasp the development trend of digital technology and promote the role of Taiwan AI chips in the international arena, the Administrative Academy yesterday set up the “AI on Chip (Artificial Intelligence Chips) Demonstration Program Preparatory Group” and held a start-up meeting, looking forward to “building a world-class AI brain”.

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   Tsai Zhihong, executive secretary of the office, and Gong Mingxin, Vice Minister of economy, and Xu Youjin, Vice Minister of science and technology, were the co-conveners of the preparatory group to invite representatives of industry, University and research to participate in the meeting, according to the office of the Journal of Science and Technology of the Executive Yuan. Chips, heterogeneous integrated AI chips, emerging computing architecture AI chips, and AI chip software compilation environment development are four major issues to establish the world’s leading AI chip supply chain.

   The Science and Technology Office of the Administrative Academy pointed out that since Google’s Alpha Go defeated the Chess King of Human, a new wave of AI artificial intelligence development has sprung up around the world. According to Gartner’s estimates, the market value of AI chips will grow to $1 billion this year and reach $13.25 billion by 2002. Except for the adoption of the Taiwan AI Action Plan earlier this year, the Administrative Academy will also strengthen resource sharing and integration. Under the coordination of Wu Zheng, the Administrative Academy closely connects the AI Pilot Promotion Program of the Ministry of Economy, the Semiconductor Launch Month Program and AI Innovation Research Center Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and sets up the N910X MP3 Chip Demonstration Plan Preparatory Group.

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   Including the main features of the N910X MP3 Chip Demonstration Plan Preparatory Group, it focuses on the potential applications of the Five plus Two Industry Innovation so as to establish an AI chip design and service platform mechanism to multiply China’s industrial advantages in tandem. In addition, it is expected to create a leading international Taiwanese AI chip industry chain and ensure the unique competitiveness of Taiwan and its partner voice chip manufacturers in the global AI industry.

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   Tsai said that Taiwan not only has a leading semiconductor supply chain, including voice IC design services, voice recognition chip manufacturing, semiconductor testing, and packaging but also has world-class system design and manufacturing capabilities, creating invisible champions in many industries, such as connecting Taiwan’s AI and semiconductor/chip design industries in tandem. The unique AI chip industry ecosystem in the world will be bred by the cooperation and resource sharing of the upper, middle and lower reaches.

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